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Bianstone therapy has the effect of promoting the circulation of blood and Qi (a special term in Chinese philosophy and medicine) by warming channels in most pain treatment. Electron-thermal Bianstone can significantly enhance the therapeutic efficacy.
30 cases cured. A cure rate of 63.3% and an effect rate of 93.3%%
1. Do pushing method and scraping method on the neck horizontally down from Fengfu (GV 16) and Fengchi (GB 20) and then using the pushing method press and knead on the Neck- Jiaji (Ex-B2), Bailao (ExHN8), Dashu (BL 11), Fengmen (BL 12) and some other acupuncture points.
2. Do pushing method and scraping method on the shoulder. Knead primarily Jianjing (GB 21), Tianliao (SJ 15), Quyuan (SI 13), Jianwaiyu (SI 14), Tianzong (SI 11), Jianzhongyu (SI 15) and some other acupuncture points.
Bianstone slab and electron-thermal Bianstone
Bianstone Tool used
Xie Henghui et al.15
Fujian Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, February, 2003, No. 1, Vol. 34
Nerve Root's Cervical Spondylopathy
Clinical Case
finger pain

 Finger pain bianstone healing method
Bianstone has a unique biophysical effect on human body in the sense that it can promote the acceleration of local blood and lymph circulation, the absorption of inflammation, regression of swelling, alleviation of pain, as well as the loosening and denudation of tissues which adhere to each other and which are degenerated.
30 cases cured. A cure rate of 63.3% and an effect rate of 100%. Symptoms of all patients alleviated after the first session of treatment
1. Do warming method for 50-60 minutes.
2. Repeat pushing method, rubbing method, kneading method upon the afflicted part along metacarpal phalandeal joints.
3. Use pointing method to puncture Yuji (LU 10), Yinggong, Zhongchong (PC 9), Shaoshang (LU 11), Shangyang (LI 1), Neiguan (PC 6) and some other acupuncture points.
Electron-thermal Bianstone
Bianstone Tool used
Xie Henghui et al.14
Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, September, 2003, Vol. 23, No. 9
Finger tenosynovitis
Clinical Case
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Bian Stone Therapy Clinical Studies
About Bian Stone  关于砭石
"Bianstone is very efficient for almost all kinds of mascular pain in the body. Simply rub the stone on  the pain......"
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