1. Specially designed for the discharging and cleaning plane washroom of airline company and ground service, this sewage disposal vehicle is mainly used to provide clean water for plane and collect the sewage of the washroom of plane, as a kind of self-propelled airport ground equipment, this vehicle applies to all the aerobus

2. Hydraulic System: used for water supply through electric system

3. Electric System: the system voltage is 12V, equipped with emergency stop device, so the engine can be shut down
when emergency emerges, besides, lighting lamp and alarm lamp are equipped as well.

4. Interface height is at the range of 900-4600mm, the main aircrafts cover B727, B737, B757, 767, B777,
L1011, MD82, MD90, MD-11, A300, A320, A340, BAe146, F-100, DC10, CONCRDE, etc

Main Features:

1. With special chassis, the height of the vehicle can be adjusted as required, also operation inside the tail of plane available.

2. Water-tank assembly: with integrated structure including front flush tank and rear sewage tank,the wholle tank
is made of stainless steel with dash plate inside, besides, the liquid level can be displayed accurately and intuitively, also the
cleaning can be done easily, between it and frame, adopt suspended prop.

3.For the blowing ball-valve at the bottom of sewage tank, specially designed with long operation mechanism so that the operation becomes
easier, and avoiding splashing when discharging.

4.Waste pipe: at the rear end of waste tank, the sewage inlet is connected with high-strength rubber pipe which will be extended and contracted together
with the lifting of work platform. It mainly used to collect the sewage of toilet of plane.

5. Water-supply system: thw whole system is made of safety and sanitation material including stainless steel parts
and components (pump, pipe and other accessories) as well as food hose, the hose is placed in tank or winded around the reel (optional,
positioning and auto rewinding available) of water pipe.

6. Tail frame: with frame structure, equipped with stepladder and hose box, on the surface of stepladder, paved with antiskid material
so that it is eeasier to operate by operator to connect with different aircrafts or install and unload
the tank, in additional, equipped with special door on hose box for maintenance.

7. Work PLatform, paved with flower aluminium plate on surface and equipped with safety guards around, the elevation can be implemented through one group
aluminium extruded section lifting mechanism.
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