The Sunnforest S160TQY Aircraft Tow Tractor, with a maximum drawbar pull 12000kg, is designed to perform the pull and push operations on narrow and medium body A/C, such as CRJ100 to 900ER, ATR42/72, BAE146, Embraer135 to 190, Saab2000, Fokker70/100,B717, B727, B737, B757, B767-200 to 300ER series, MA60, ARJ21 regional jet to C919,  A318/319/320/321, A300 to A310 and so on. Its ergonomic design provide the comfort and visibility. It adopts the high standard of 4-wheel driving and 4-wheel steering, 4-wheel oil-immersed disc brake that controls the front and rear axles, automatic hydraulic transmission, the diesel engine with high-power and low-emission, advanced full hydraulic two-way driving brake and hydraulic manual release brake, which make the S160TQY a durable and reliable tractor. 

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