Purpose: Mainly used in airport warehouse and goods control center and solving the problem of the height turnover between container freight train and platform trailer in the platform and container transportation.

Features: The motivity come from 380V AC. The containers which type below Simple AKE(LD3) can rotate in any direction

Technical Parameters:

Dimensions (lenght×width×height)  4280 mm×4380 mm×1450 mm  no rainshed 

Work table  (length×width)  4250 mm×2800 mm      the highest work table arrive(height away from the ground)  1600 mm      the lowest work table arrive(height away from the ground)  500 mm    

Work table (full load 7t)   arise speed   15 sec  descend speed 10 sec   work table (no-load)  arise speed   10 sec  descend speed 15 sec   work table transmission speed   280 sec  with adjustable speed device  

Hydraulic pressure system work pressure   100-110 Kg / cm2  with adjustable pressure  device    hydraulic oil brand  wear-resistant 46#     

Electric system work pressure  AC380V (electric motor)  DC 24V (system)  

Entire vehicle weight  6100 KG 

Theoretical arithmetic (±5%)

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