Overview:  The elaborate design adopting the overseas technology and domestic airport application experience,durable,pleasing to the eye.Flexible guarding plates are installed on the front,rear,left and right sides.Adopted to load A2M1LD9 freight pallet.

Appearance:  Simple strucre,reasonable layout,smooth surface,the structural parts of the integral trailer are treated with antirust after shot blasting,zinc plated,achieving the good non-rust level.

Vehicle frame:  Welded of top quality rectangular pipe and angle iron,with the advantages of high intensity and loading capacity etc.

Vehicle surface height:  565mm,Can cooperate with the platform lifting trucks of the different types for the loading and unloading .

Roller:  The roller is made of seamless steel pipes,connected by bearings at two ends and flanfed,due to galvanizing treatment,the container can move smoothly on its surface.

Location limited plate:  There is stop block,dexterous and convenient operation,with safe lock-up

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