Overview:   Adopt the overseas technology and domestic airport application experience, with the elaborate design,it is reliable and durable,with reasonable layout and good shape.

Function: The trailer has the front guardrails, and rear guardrails. The two sides can be used to load and unload the goods, the vehicle frame is V type, when the loaded trailer makes a turn, the goods are not easy to be thrown out of the vehicle. At the bottom of the V shape parallel platform, there is a water leaking hole, no water accumulation on the platform

Characteristics: Its unique turning mechanism can realize the flexible turning and small turning radius etc even when fully loaded.

Rear towing mechanism: The rear towing hanging pin at the rear of the vehicle can easily string many trailers, it has the function of one tractor hauling several pallet trailers. The other characteristics is that it has self locking function, the front drawbar won’t hook off from the rear drawbar in case of the jumpiness of the trailer.

Front towing mechanism: The drawbar mechanism is safe and movable, when using, it is kept at the same level with the rear tow-hook of the tractor, when putting down the drawbar, it means braking, and the drawbar can be prevented from touching the ground.

Tyre: Adopt domestic renowned rubber solid tyre, the loading capacity is higher with better wearing resistance and longer long service life.

Braking mechanism: The braking gap can be adjusted, after the tyre wears, the braking can still be effective when the proper adjustement is done on the braking pedals and tyre tap.

Surface treatment: Anti-rust paint, zinc-rich primer and top finish are applied after the integral shot-blasting. Surface zinc spraying is the alternative option.

Platform Trailer 3 technical specification
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