Overview: The elaborate design adopting the overseas technology and domestic airport application experience, durable, pleasing to the eye. Flexible guarding plates are installed on the front, rear, left and right sides. Adopted to load P1PP6P freight pallet and LD11 container.

Simple structure, reasonable layout, smooth surface, the structural parts of the integral trailer are treated with antirust after shot blasting, sprayed with zinc primer and top finish, achieving the good non-rust level.

Vehicle frame:
The top quality steel plate is bent and welded, with a firm mechanism, the two sides are added with top quality anti-collision rubber strip, and it is able to stand different kinds of collision and impact without having influence to its usage.

Vehicle surface height:
530mm, can cooperate with the platform lifting trucks of the different types for the loading and unloading.

Truckle: There are 72 truckles implemented on the vehicle frame, the containers or freight pallets can turn on top of it lightly.

Made of the top quality steel pipes, zinc plated surface, the two ends are connected with bearings and flanged, the containers of freight pallets can move on the surface smoothly and flexibly.

Braking mechanism: The braking gap can be adjusted freely, when the drawbar gets erected, it means braking.

Buffer device: When the drawbar drops, driving the buffer device to work, avoiding the drawbar falling to the ground.

Location restricting plate: There is stop block, dexterous and convenient operation, with safe lock-up.

Rear tow-hook: Operated conveniently, with self-locking device, there is no throw-off-hook caused by the vibration during travel.

The wheel train and tyre: The front-wheel drive adopts universal wheels, making it steer freely. The rear-wheel adopts fixed wheels, allowing it turn dexterously. Domestically renowned rubber tyres are applied.

Surface treatment: Anti-rust paint, zinc-rich primer and top finish are applied after the integral shot-blasting. Surface zinc spraying is the alternative option.This can achieve the good non-rust level.
freight pallet trailer 3 technical specification
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