This trailer is mainly used in airports, warehouse to load and unload off transport luggage, parcels and other bulk cargos, Maximum weight 1.5t.


The bulk cargo trailer with three sides of the fences for the back loading of goods, with poncho, it is convenient to load goods in rainy day.

The rear with self-locking drawbar facilitates multi-trailer connectivity.

Use the ultrawear-resistant full core tyre or pneumatic tires according to GB10823 Standard.

Front axle with wheel-made, so that the trailer turned freely.

The handle device is safe with brake function. Keep the same level as the hooker of the trailer when used, lay down the handle, the trailer brakes immediately.

The trailer’s work table is 3mm thick of the steel panels mainly according to the user needs.

Trailer sprays paint after sand-blasting, paint colors will be in accordance with customer requirements. It can also meet user requirements, such as installing the signs nameplate.
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