bianstone block small

Bianstone Block - Small

"Stimulating the body's acupressure points is as good or even better than acupuncture..."

While holding or being exposed to the bianstone, you are also stimulating the hand or absorbing beneficial infra-red rays from the stone.

You can use the bianstone block - small to heat it up under the hot sun first or in warm water before placing on your body for remote sensing, or even place in the painful part of your body to alleviate the pain.
bianstone block small

Bianstone Block Smalll Application

Bianstone Block small size of dimension of about 12 x 7.5 x 2 cm, weighing about 1 kgs, can be heated by hot water, hot air, or simply by exposing it to sunlight. After being heated, it can be applied to the waist, the back and any part of the body for quick relief of pain, or simply stimulating the acupressure point for healing purposes.

It is also a very good stone for sensing (due to its very long far infrared and other properties). You can also use it for sleeping, or place it under your body or head when you sleep for remote infrared sensing.

Or you can step with both legs on the warm bianstone block for foot reflexology to stimulate the blood flow as well as stimulating the foot acupressure points for healing purposes.

Highly recommended...
bianstone block small

Scientific Research shows that  sibin bianstone has the power to remove excess toxins from our body....

Original Bianstone colour ranges from greyish black to Brownish black with fine microcrystalline structure...
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