Bianstone Bracelet

Remote Sensing of Infrared from the Sibin Bianstone is part of the 16 methods of Bianstone Therapy.

Wearing bianstone bracelet on the wrist is a good and easy way to keep in close touch with bianstone to maintain health and well-bring.

Original bianstone colour range from greyish black to brownish black, sometimes with white veins or brown spots on the bracelet depending on the texture of the stone during production
bianstone bracelet

Bianstone Bracelet Application

Bian stone bracelet can help with the blood circulation of the hands. Experts in China have done lots of experiments on its healing effects on the hands.It is good for office workers who may suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and other hands tensions.

For those whose work involves a lot of sedentary and typing work, this stone is your best choice. It quickly and efficaciously relieve hand pains and tensions. Plus it can also help you to cope with the radiations from the screen. The fine grannular texture of the Bian stone makes it feel comfortable on your wrists.

Bianstone Bracelet Everyday function

Sibin Bianstone Far Infrared rays can increase up to 20um, and remain very stable.
bianstone bracelet on the wrist look fashionable

 beads bracelet

bianstone beads demo
Rub the beads with your hand to stimulate

bianstone beads demo pictorial chart
Massage your hand with the beads or beads bracelet is a good way to increase the effectiveness of the  bianstone bracelet.

bianstonre sizes
For the bianstone bracelet , there are several sizes and length available for you to choose as below:-

Suitable for Guys
12mm size beads X 17 beads
(about 17.5cm long)
12mm size beads X 18 beads
(about 18.3 cm long)
14mm size beads X 15 beads
(about 17.5 cm long)
14mm size beads X 16 beads (about 18.8 cm long)
16mm size beads X 13 beads (about 17.5 cm long)
16mm size beads X 14 bead  (about 18.9 cm long)

Suitable for Ladies
8mm size beads X 22 bead
(about 15 cm long)
8mm size beads X 23 beads
(about 15.6 cm long)
10mm size beads X 18 beads
(about 15 cm long)
10mm size beads X 19 beads (about 15.8 cm long)
12mm size beads X 15 beads (about 15 cm long)
12mm size beads X 16 beads (about 16 cm long)
Prices is the same regardless of the sizes you required. . The highlighted red is the length of the bracelets. You can use a string to measure the length of your wrist and let us know your preferences of your preferred sizes by email to us using our contact us email information after placing your order online with us.

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