Small Size Bianstone Guasha Scraper

"Guasha originate from Bianstone. Due to the scarcity of good stones, it was later replaced by other materials such as coin, jade,horn,etc.. In fact, Guasha Therapy is part of Bianstone Scraping Therapy using bianstone as a media to scrape and stimulate our body's acupressure point to treat illness as well as to maintain health.

Scientific Research shows that guasha using sibin bianstone has more curative effects than guasha using other materials.......

Bianstone Guasha Scraper - Small Size Application

The smaller Bianstone Scraper , of dimension about 9 to 9.5cm long, about  6.5cm wide x about 0.8cm thickness, weighing about 0.10 kg,can be heated by hot water, hot air, or simply by exposing it to sunlight. After being heated, it can be applied to the waist, the back or any part of the body just like normal guasha.

In fact, it can be used for back scraping, face scraping and whole body Bianstone guasha therapy exercise for daily health maintenance or prevention or treatment of common cold or other diseases.

Tip: If any part of your body is aching or in pain (of mascular nature), just rub that affected area with this oval shape bianstone. It is as good as acupuncture, but without the pain of the needle. It is better than guasha, without applying any oil. During dry weather, you can dip into warm/hot water before applying the bianstone on your body.
big size bianstone guasha scraper vs the small size bianstone guasha scraper
Scientific Research shows that  sibin bianstone has the power to remove excess toxins from our body....

Original Bianstone colour ranges from greyish black to Brownish black with fine microcrystalline structure...
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