Bian Stone Healthcare Exercise

When people feel some discomfort, and sometimes cannot find the cause, then the ancient bianstone technique can be used to conduct a comprehensive conditioning on various parts of the body to prevent diseases.Listed below are some of the basic bianstone exercises for self-care which is very suitable for urban white-collar workers during their spare time. Even holding a bianstone and massage/rub your whole body including the hands, legs, back body and front body, neck ,face and head is a very good way to increase your body's immunity.
yingyang bianstone

Bianstone Healthcare Exercise

 bianstone forehead sensing
1) The Forehead Sensing Method

Methods: Place the bianstone on to the forehead for sensing..
Efficacy: to promote head blood flow, effective prevention and treatment of dizziness, headache, memory loss, Alzheimer's, colds, hypertension, embolism, can slow the development of forehead wrinkles.

Bianstone facial massage
2)  Use the smooth side of the bianstone to massage the face in the direction as indicated in the left picture.

bianstone scraping on the chest
3) Use the oval shape bianstone or guasha bianstone to scrape on your front body in the direction as indicated on the picture.

bianstone therapy for back
4) Use the oval shape bianstone or guasha bianstone to scrape on your back body in the direction as indicated on the picture. Also, scrape the back neck.

 Hands and Legs bianstone massage
5) Our hands and legs has a lot of acupressure points which can be stimulated with an oval shape bianstone or guasha bianstone to rub or scrape in the direction as indicated by the picture. For the leg, you can use a bianstone leg massager to stimulate the central part of the leg to achieve longevity and good health.

 comb your head with bianstone
6) You can use an oval shape bianstone , bianstone comb or any suitable bianstone tools to comb / massage your head. Do not knock your head with bianstone.

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Remember to drink more water (preferably alkaline mineral water or Bianstone water using Bianstone cup) after each of the above bianstone session), and you should be on the way to boost our immunity and prevent the common cold or other illness. Prevention is better than cure. Gradually, you will learn how to take charge of your own health without medicine.
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