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bianstone pointed awl

Bianstone Pointed Awl

"Stimulating the body's acupressure points is as good or even better than acupuncture..."

Scientific Research shows that stimulating the legs using sibin bian stone contributes immensely to general wellbeing.......

While holding the bianstone, you are also stimulating the hand which is also rich in acupressure points.

You can use the bianstone pointed Awl to stimulate our body's different acupressure point by poking or rolling on the back or legs, especially on back back or legs. Or it can be used to remote sensing as well by holding the bianstone pointed awl or placing the awl near your body.
Bianstone Long Pointed Awl

Bianstone Pointed Awl Application

Bianstone Pointed Awl measures about Φ2.06cm x 15.6cm can be used in stroking method by following the meridian and dipping method by pressing the acupuncture point in Bianstone Therapeutics, and can also be applied in scrubbing method and rolling method.

The idea is to stimulate various meridian and acupressure points to achieve optimum wellbeing, and also to get rid of certain illness as well as to prevent illness.

Scientific Research shows that  sibin bianstone has the power to remove excess toxins from our body....

Original Bianstone colour ranges from greyish black to Brownish black with fine microcrystalline structure...
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