Advantage of Bianstone as compared to Acupuncture & Guasha

"Prevention is better than Cure. Bianstone therapy is a good and safe way to boost your health, and to prevent sickness...."

A natural non-medicinal therapy which is unique, integrated and free from side effects, the Bian-healing skill is based on the theory of JING LUO (Meridien points) and acupuncture points. When applied to patients, it actually does not stab or wound your skin, producing no pain, while the effect of field of energy and " invisible needle " as brought about by the Bian-healing instrument made of  Si Bin bianstone is being brought into full play.

This kind of way of medical treatment cures internal diseases from without, dredging one's JING LUO and nursing QI and blood as its fundamental mechanism and uprooting pathological products which block the circulation of vital energy in JING LUO, especially those held up in JING LUO at the deep part under the skin. It treats both principal and secondary aspect of one's disease, able to lift, to a great extent, his ( or her ) clinical symptoms within short period of time and wonderfully get recovered.
bianstone massage
1)   Very safe to use, has no side-effect. Unlike acupuncture which require experience and precise knowledge of acupuncture points, Bianstone therapy does not need to have that precise knowledge as when we rub/scrape/knock against the skin, it cover a wider area than the acupuncture needle. Anyone can use it safely at home. Just apply on the part in pain or as a general massager tool.For specific illness, it is better to know a little of acupuncture points but precise location is not required when we administer bianstone therapy.

2)   It has microcrystalline structure of density less than 0.03mm which is very silky smooth to the skin unlike other materials like jade or horn. So there is no need to apply oil before rubbing or massaging on the skin unless during very cold winter when the skin is extremely dry.

3)  It has very long natural infrared of all stones found in nature, and the has the highest ultrasonic waves when srtuck or rub as compared to other materials.

4)  SIbin Bianstone has more than 30 elements including some very rare elements which are very beneficial to human being.

5)  Sibin Bianstone has better healing effect than ordinary guasha tools made from jade or other stone materials due to the many functions that it has like long infra-red, high ultrasonic waves, rare elements,etc..

6)  Sibin Bianstone is a very good alternative to people who are afraid of the acupuncture needle as it has also been known as an invisible needle.

7)  Bianstone benefit both the person who receive the massage as well as the person who administer the massage as it lessen the discomfort of the person who do the massage. Also, both parties can benefit from touching the bianstone as it produces infrared as well as ultrasonic waves and other unknown energy field.

8)  Bianstone therapy has been proven to work, and it has been used in hospital / clinic in China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan as well as USA and Canada.

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