Bian stone Therapy for Facial

Health is Forever
Bianstone Therapy can be applied on the face to make the skin smooth and wrinkle free. Genuine Sibin Bian Stone contains many beneficial elements. Furthermore, the ultrasonic waves and infrared properties make the bianstone a unique tool for our daily beauty regime.

We can simply apply the bian stone (like the yingyang guasha plate, or oval shape bian stone or the Bian stone Guasha plate) onto the face directly without any oil as it is silky smooth enough. Do not worry that your skin will get bruised by applying this way, and it has been proven to work very effectively to make our face more beautiful.

If you prefer, you can dip the bian stone in warm water or cool water depending on the weather condition. Just follow the picture below to firm and tone up your face.
Bian Stone Therapy for Facial Diagram
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