Bian Stone Therapy - Dos and Don'ts

The secret of Bianstone lies in the word heat and it has very rare and the longest sustainable infrared found so far in stones, even better than infrared machine.Temperature is a vital sign of life, which accompanies a person when he/she is born. Long-time wearing of a Bianstone product can increase the product's therapeutic effect; therefore, to achieve a desirable therapeutic effect, it is advisable that Bianstone product be worn for a long time.

Hot water can improve the sustainability of Bianstone’s far infrared release. Keep the Bianstone in water that is neither too hot nor too tepid for two or three minutes and then press it against the afflicted part, particulary the body part where you feel the pain or ache.

Do not flush Bianstone with scalding water in case it breaks due to uneven heating.

Bianstone is a kind of natural stone. You should avoid cleaning with chemical substances such as soap, detergent, etc in case its crystalline structure damaged or the residual chemical substances remains, impairing its therapeutic effect. Just wash with pure water and put it under the sun sometimes to activate the bianstone.

Heat is primarily responsible for the Bianstone 's therapeutic effect. As a result, it should be regularly exposed to sunlight to keep the intensity of its far-infrared scattering.

After massaging with a bianstone or after a bianstone therapy session, it is advisable to drink a cup of water to help to rid of toxins from your body.

The friction of Bianstone can produce strong ultrasonic pulses; therefore, the following things should be avoided:

1)   Knocking method should not be applied to the head. You can use a bianstone comb or an oval bianstone to massage or scrape your head instead.

2) Knocking and vibrating methods should not be used to the afflicted part near the heart.

3) Bainstone Therapeutics is not suitable for the abdomen of the pregnant women, as well as during the monthly period.

4) The Cool method is not suitable for the old and the weak.

5) The scrub, prick, tap and scrape method should not be used on head of new born baby, skin allergy , trauma or any varicose veins.

6) Extremely great care should be taken to the control of force when applying Bianstone Therapeutics to the old or the vulnerable body parts.

7) Do not massage or apply bianstone therapy immediately after a meal. At least 1 hour after the meal will be better.

8) When applying bianstone therapy, try not to let strong winds blow directly at you.

9) Do not apply any massage or bianstone therapy when sweating or after a strenuous exercise.

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