Bianstone Therapy Sixteen Method

There are sixteen methods and ways to administer Bianstone Therapy. Different Shapes is specially made to facilitate stimulation of our body's acupressure point. Learn more about how to use Bianstone Therapy here.
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Bianstone Therapy Sixteen Methods

 Bianstone scrub method
(4) The Scrub / Rub Method

The Scrub method is to do sliding friction on the skin by using the smooth surface of Bianstone tools. As sliding friction is greater than rolling friction, the Bianstone tools have stronger stimulation on the human body. However, the surface of Sibin pumice product is very smooth due to its microcrystalline structure, making it quite comfortable to rub it on the human body. Stimulations of the Bianstone on the human body are weak in the scrub method and can be used on the part that is vulnerable to stimulation, such as face, ribs and other parts. The patient will not feel any pain in the scrub method unless he or she has trauma. Followings are examples for the scrub method.

A Bianstone therapist holds the Bianstone anvil or Bianstone block, rubbing on the human body with their surface.

The edge of the Bianstone anvil, Bianstone bar and Bianstone board or the Bianstone's circular edge panels can be used as a therapy along the main and collateral channels.

Put the Bianstone block on the table or the carpet, rubbing it with palm or sole of the foot for hand and foot care.

 Bianstone Prick method
(5) The Prick Method

The Prick method uses the apex of the Cone Bianstone and the tail of the Bianstone board. The corner of the Bianstone board and the tip of the Bianstone rolling handle are used to stimulate the human body. The Prick method generally stimulates by acupoints, whose selection is decided by the specific diseases.
The stimulation of the prick method on human body is rather strong among all the Bianstone therapeutics. However, its effect is much weaker than that of the metal needle in needling therapeutics. The degrees of stimulation on the acupoints depend on the cone Bianstone apex. The more pointed the Cone Bianstone is, the stronger stimulation it has. In today's new Bianstone therapy, the Cone Bianstone is not sharp so as to avoid hurting one's flesh.

 Bianstone stroke method
(6)The Stroke / Scratch Method

The pointed or angular Bianstone tools are used both in the stoke method and the prick method. Their difference lies in the handing. The prick method exerts forces from surface to the inner fixed at a point while the stoke method strokes along the main and collateral channels with the Bianstone tools.
In the stroke method, the pointed parts of the Cone Bianstone contact with human body first, making a forward cone pole in a 45-degree angle for the pressing along the main and collateral channels. It can be divided into fast stroke and slow stroke according to the stroke speed. The fast stroke has better effect in expelling heat-toxin, while slow stroke is better in dredging the meridian. The Bianstone Therapist chooses the speed of stroke. He or she can either adopt moderate speed or use fast stroke and slow stroke alternately. The slow stroke is adopted at first and then speeded up gradually. The Bianstone therapist will return to the slow stoke in the end and then finish it.
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