Bianstone Therapy Sixteen Method

There are sixteen methods and ways to administer Bianstone Therapy. Different Shapes is specially made to facilitate stimulation of our body's acupressure point. Learn more about how to use Bianstone Therapy here.
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Bianstone Therapy Sixteen Methods

bianstone tap method
Bianstone tap method
(7) The Tap / Knocking method
The method that uses the Bianstone tools to tap on the human body is called the tap method. Almost all the Bianstone tools, small and medium, can be used this way. The commonly used Bianstone tools include the Bianstone anvil, the Bianstone ball, the cone Bianstone, the Bianstone bar and the Bianstone board. The strength to tap should be moderate, and its frequency ought to accord with the patient's pulse. The Tap method is a method of strong stimulation in the Bianstone therapeutics. It can promote blood flow, eliminate body heat-toxin and excess fat and dispel fatigue. Following are some examples of the implementation of tap method.

To tap on the shoulder and back for the treatment of shoulder and back pain.

To lay down the Bianstone bar or the cone Bianstone, or use the narrow edge of the Bianstone anvil to do the tap method along the main collateral channels.
To use the apex of the Cone Bianstone, the rear of the Bianstone board or corner of the Bianstone anvil to tap the acupoints, the selection of which should be related with the patient's disease.

To use the Bianstone ball or the Bianstone anvil to tap on the full parts of the limbs. This method is effective in eliminating fatigue after heavy physical labour, long-distance travel or athletic games.

Bianstone guasha

 Bianstone scrape method
(8) The Scrape Method -similiar to Guasha (but better than guasha due to the Sibin Bianstone)

The method to use all kinds of Bianstone tools scraping. It is different from the scrub method that uses the face of the Bianstone tool to scrub human body with a large contact area and a consequent minor strength. In comparison, the scrape method uses the edge or blade to scrape the human body, achieving a strong effect with small contact. The scrape method has the strongest stimulation in modern Bianstone Therapeutics. Therefore, a direct contact with the skin is not used. Cotton textiles are used on the scraped parts during the application of this method.
The commonly used Bianstone tool is the Bianstone board, which is thick on one side and thin on the other. Blunt blade of thin edge is designed for implementing the scrape method. In addition, the edge of the Bianstone anvil, the horizontal use of Bianstone wheel, and Sibin pumice can all be used for this method.

A specific folk therapy of scraping is developed based on the ancient scraping method. Although it is viewed as a branch of Bianstone Therapeutics from the perspective of medical disciplines, there are some differences as the corresponding Bianstone therapy has been lost for nearly 2,000 years while the folk therapy of scraping has an independent existence and development.

 bianstone scrape method
The Scrape method of the Bianstone therapeutics stresses that the Bianstone board should be made of the Bianstone tool and fine stones. The induction effect (infrared radiation) and the acoustic effect (ultrasonic wave ) of the Bianstone tool on the human body are also emphasized in addition to the forces between them.

As the Bianstone tool has smooth texture due to its microcrystalline structure, no grease is needed even it is scrapped directly on the human body. The patient should not feel any pain. Meanwhile, patients will not have a large number of bloodstains after the application of this method.

As one of the 16 methods of Bianstone therapeutics, the scrape method is usually used together with other ones. It purges excess and tonifies deficiency. Therefore, the implementation of the scrape method is usually introduced by the scrub method and ended by the sense method.

Sibin pumice Bianstone board also provides a good tool for the folk therapy
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