Bianstone Therapy Sixteen Method

There are sixteen methods and ways to administer Bianstone Therapy. Different Shapes is specially made to facilitate stimulation of our body's acupressure point. Learn more about how to use Bianstone Therapy here.
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Bianstone Therapy Sixteen Methods

Twist method
(9) The Twist Method

The Bianstone Therapist twists the Bianstone tool left and right in the prick method, which can increase the degree of stimulation of the Bianstone on the human body and enlarge the location of Qi and the blood movement. The effect of twist method is better when the prick method is applied on the acupoints.

 Bianstone spinning method
(10) The Spin / Kneading Method (旋法)

The Bianstone Therapist slowly spins the Bianstone tool clockwise and anticlockwise alternately as in the press method. Please note the difference between spin method and scrub method in rotations: the former is adding rotary motion based on the press method with a small rotation radius and a constant pressure of the Bianstone on the human body while the latter has a large radius and small pressure of the Bianstone on the human. With pressure, the spin method can make the stimulation of the diffuses and thus benefit the body's blood flow.

 bian stone spinning method
Knead the human skin with bian stone .It differs from the rubbing method in that it is working on a deeper level-the muscles instead of the skin. It is more intensified than the rubbing method. It also help to relax the body , revitalize the vital energy , or qi ,circulation and so on. To administer the method in the right way , you need to apply it counter-clockwise and to keep the pressure up. From point to the surface , from mild to intensive.

vibration method
The bian stone healing practitioner hold the bian stone onto the human body and simultaneously vibrate it . It is often combined with the pressing and the pricking method to achieve the best results. Its beneficial effects can penetrate to the inner organ of the body , like the live and the intestine.
(11)The Vibration Method

A Bianstone therapist vibrates the Bianstone up and down with the rhythm of the press method and the prick method. It can make the effect of the Bianstone tool spread inside the human body, which is helpful to the conditioning of the body entrails. The vibration frequency should be consistent with the patient's pulse.
Vibration can also be applied in the sense method. The Bianstone Therapist holds the Bianstone anvil on the affected area with a rhythmic vibration. The Bianstone tool has no contact with the patient throughout the treatment. The effect of the Bianstone on patients relies on induction, and adding the vibration method in the sense method greatly enhances the intensiveness and penetration of the induction.
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