Bianstone Therapy for Back pain

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"Bianstone can promote health. Ultrasound and infrared electromagnetic waves can improve body circulations, reduce pain and inflammation. In the eastern naturopathy perspective, Bianstone can even regulate the Qi and opening up the energy channels and collaterals, dispelling rheumatism, clearing away from the heat and thus tranquilizing the mind.

Bianstone is the gift from the Nature and it is an alternative to the sole use of medication for the treatment of illness and diseases as a green medicine."
Bianstone therapy in olden times

Bianstone Therapy for Back pain

Thousands of years ago, ancient Chinese people accidentally discovered that the physical contact with certain stones can produce a therapeutic effect, and from this discovery originated the theory of "curing diseases with stones." Bian stone is specifically a medical and unique therapeutic tool. The word "Bian" is generally cited as "needle stone" in numerous legends. However, It's a common misconception that acupuncture was originated from Bianstone. According to the first ancient Chinese medical book, the Yellow Emperors Classics of Internal Medicine (Nei Jing), exactly 4700 B.C, it introduced the principle of Bianstone Therapeutics and described the stone (and its therapy) as "the head of Chinese Medicals". Bianstone Therapeutics plays an important individual role in forming the complete whole system in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
bianstone therapy for back pain
"Bian Stone has a unique role in treating back pain." said Prof. Geng from the Beijing Geng Naiguang Physical Property Test Techniques R & D Center. Bian stone is made from a precious stone with unique physical properties called Sibin pumice dating from the ancient times.

How can a Bian Stone help to relieve back pain? Here are some laboratory tests done on this specific stone:

When rubbed against the body, Bian Stone can generate infra-red radiation, which could produce thermal effects, therefore effectively improve microcirculation and promote blood circulation.
Bian Stone also can generate 2-2000k Hz ultrasound pulsation (3698 times per rubbing on human skin), which could deeply penetrate into our body, thus could activate cells and tissues and dredge the collateral channels.
Chemical analysis shows that there are more than thirty trace elements such as Sr, Ti, Cr, Mn, Zn, Ca, Fe, P, K, and Na - elements which are beneficial and necessary for human beings.

Bian Stone Therapy for back pain is usually started with a general release by roll or spin method, followed by a series of Bianstone Therapeutics with pre-heated Bian stone to perform heat method. Individualized Bian Stone Therapy can be applied according to different evaluations' findings. Specific body part can be treated by with scrape and prick methods, which are the most common one but not limited to a wide spectrum of other methods. We usually apply the Bian Stone Therapy twice at least per week in acute stage while once a month in healthcare basis.

People with back pain can be benefit from Bian Stone Therapy through various ways:

1) Massage: Bian Stone is a good massage tool which is based on its dense crystalline structure. It is specially designed in various shapes to suit different body parts' needs. The effect of massage can effectively help to relieve the muscle spasm as well as promote body circulation.

2) Biological effects: The physical property of ultrasonic waves helps to soften the adhesive tissues, to relief pain and to promote body circulation. Ultrasound can definitely help to promote body healing.

3) Thermal effect: Another special physical property of Bian Stone is the Remote Infrared Sensing. Bian stone is capable of absorbing sufficient heat when it is heated. Bianstone is the only type whose infrared energy density can still maintain a high level when its wavelength reaches 15μm. This suggests that the infrared-scattering of Bianstone can effectively raise body temperature, thus promoting circulation of organic body and helps to bring a speedy recovery.

4) Neurological effect: It is again the therapeutic effect of Bian Stone from its ultrasonic wave. In neurological perspective, the neural tissue is very sensitive to ultrasound. It can mechanically de-sensitize the pain receptors and thus leading to a profound analgesia.
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