Bianstone Centipede Scraping Board Comb

The Bianstone Centipede Scraping Board Comb for General Use is probably the best comb in the world with Sibin Bianstone"

This small bianstone comb of estimated
dimension of about Length Length 13.2cm X 4cm X 0.8 cm can be used for combing the hair. The other curve smooth side can be used for scraping and massaging/rubbing the head or any part of the body.
Bianstone Centipede Scraping Board Comb

Bianstone Centipede Scraping Board Comb for General Use Application

The central mechanism by which the Bian stone heals your body is that it gives a fine-tuned and nuanced heating to your body by virtue of the magnetic field ,the ultrasonic pulsations and the infra-red ray. The fine-tuned heating makes your blood run faster, dissolve the cloggings in your body, activate the dormant immunity cells and cleanse your body of its impurities.

Combing your head with a fine-toothed comb is such a classic healing activity that many doctors would recommend it to his or her patients .Proper administering of the combing can greatly relieve cerebral tensions , improve the blood supply to your brains and prevent strokes from striking. Even with a regular comb , combing can go a long way towards healing your head. And now we have the Bian stone comb that will alleivate the healing effects. It is known to prevent hair loss and hair greying earlier.

Pamper your hair and head with the Sibin Bianstone Comb.

Bianstone Centipede Scraping Board Comb
Bianstone Centipede Scraping Board Comb
Bianstone Comb, perhaps it is no stranger for some people, is made up of stone which could emit ultrasonic waves and other forms of energy. The word "Bian" means the therapy conducted by this kind of therapeutic stone. Its function is to waken up the tired body, to activate the lymphatic and blood flow, to purify body de-toxic organs like kidneys and livers and finally enhance the body's immune system.

Utilizations of Bianstone Comb:

Methods: To comb from central to outer borders 10 times a day. Scrapping could be done by the convex side of the comb. If you know where the blockage is, repetitive scrap over this area helps to magnify the therapeutic effects.


To promote head's circulation. It could also help to prevent and regulate cold, headache, dizziness, hypertension, cerebro-vascular disease, memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, delay of white hair growing and hair loss.

Precaution: Do not comb when hair is wet. Tapping should be avoided.

Remember: Regular shampoo, balanced diet, elimination of depression helps  hair to  re-generate beautifully!
Scientific Research shows that combing and massaging your head regularly will improve the head function and your hair will look darker and more beautiful.

While holding the bianstone, you are also stimulating the hand which is also rich in acupressure points.
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