Electronic Bianstone Massage Scraper

This electronic bianstone scraping stimulator, powered by electricity, has layers of bianstone inside the equipment, and can control to button to stimulate high vibration waves with
heat of temperature of 3 adjustable mode of 45 degree, 55 degree and 60 degree to better scrape the body to remove body toxins faster. You may need to buy a separate multi adapter electrical plug to plug in the power plug, available at most local electricity hardware shop.

Electronic Bianstone Massage Scraper Specification:

Electronic Bianstone Massage Scraper
Voltage: 220V
Material: Bianstone
Output: 18W
Input: 50Hz
Model: RSW-005
Weight: 1 kgs
Dimension: 12cm X 8.5 cm X 8.5 cm
Electronic Bianstone Massage Scraper

Electronic Bianstone Massage Scraper Application

This Electronic Bianstone Massage Scraper, of dimension 12cm X 8.5 cm X 8.5 cm is powered by electric plug, and comfortable enough to use yourself to stimulate your body, legs. Of you can ask your partner to help you to scrape your back with this device. Beside the layer of bianstone inside, there is heat and vibration mode control to increase the effectiveness of this electronic bianstone massage scraper to get rid of your body toxins faster. Depending on your body condition, the scraping mark can be different for individuals depending on their body condition. It is also advisable you apply any natural essential oil or any medicated oil on the body surface, slightly massaging dissolving the oil evenly first, before applying the electronic bianstone scraper on the body. The power Plug must be plugged in when using the electronic bianstone scraper to scrape. Kindly note that this set does not come with oil due to courier shipment restriction. You can use your preferred medicated oil or any essential oil with this device when scraping the body.
Three Function in One Device: Bianstone Scraping, Infra Red Heat and High Vibration to stimulate our body acupressure point to get rid of body toxins. Remember to drink a glass of water after the therapy session.
electronic bianstone scraper dimension
Adjustable Temperature control in 3 mode of low temperature of 45 degree, Medium temperature mode of 55 degree, and high temperature mode of 60 degree. You can adjust according to your own comfort level.
Toxins being purged out from the body using bian stone scraping

How to use the Electronic Bianstone Scraper

Plug in power cable to startup the electronic bianstone scraper
how to use the electronic bianstone scraper

Scientific Research shows that  sibin bianstone has the power to remove excess toxins from our body....

Original Bianstone colour ranges from greyish black to Brownish black with fine microcrystalline structure...

electronic bianstone scraping result
electronic bianstone scraping result
electronic bianstone scraper packing box
There is no restriction on the use, but try to limit your usage time around 15 minutes to 30 minutes per use. You can use it even everyday if time permits.After each use, try to drink a cup of water. Depending on your body's toxin level, you may have red patches after each scraping. This is no cause for concern. It is actually removing the toxins from our body.
It is advisable to use it when the red pacthes subside.

Precaution on Using : Remember not to use this electronic bianstone device

1) When sweating heavily
2) Do not face the fan wind direction with using this as the wind may penetrate our body as our pores will slightly open using when scraping.
3) During the monthly menstruation period
4) Do not use it immediately after a meal. Try to use at least 1 hour later after meal
5) Do not take a bath immediately after each use. Try to take a bath after 2 hours or more.
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