How to Get Rid of Common Cold with Bian Stone

I have studied all kinds of energy healing including crystal healing, pyramid energy healing in the pursuit of antiaging and longevity, but none is as affective as bian stone therapy. In fact, I have not taken any medicine for more than 4 years after discovering this bianstone therapy secret.... I do get cold once in a while but the chances is less compared to those days without bianstone therapy. Once I discovered some cold symptom discomfort, I started to apply bianstone therapy (as illustrated below) with an oval shape bianstone, I can recover from the cold in 1 to 2 days time without any medication which has cut down my medical cost. This is only effective on the 1st onset... If you delay or miss the 1st onset of cold, the chances of recovery will be slower. If you are not sure of your condition, please consult a doctor. If you still insist on medication, you can apply the bianstone therapy in conjunction with your medicine to speed up the recovery process.

Try it to believe my words. After all, I strongly believe in our body's innate ability to heal itself. In this highly polluted and stressful world, sometimes our body has to give up. But fret not, we need just to pamper our body with a bianstone to strengthen our cell's fighting spirit. And I don't believe in consuming medicine as it will poison our body which will speed up our aging process....

Just try it and share your experiences with us by email. We will publish your views in this website.

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Bianstone Therapy Method to get rid of Common Cold

forehead scraping with bian stone
1) Use an oval shape or Guasha bianstone to scrape / rub on the forehead highlighted in red as indicated on the left picture

bianstone scraping on the front body
Apply some stimulation with the bianstone on both sides of the nose a few round, then scrape/rub against the area highlighted in red on the chest as well as your hand (left and right). You can scrape all the way down to your fingers.

bianstone scraping on the back to get rid of cold
This is the most important part you have to do during a cold. Scrape or rub with an oval shape bianstone or any bian stone that you feel comfortable with on the back of your head around your back neck area all the way to your shoulder. Also, scrape your back hand as indicated by red arrow as indicated on the picture. You can also ask somebody to scrape or rub your back area.

scraping on the leg to get rid of common cold with bianstone
This is not necessary but it is also a very important area for stomach cold. Rub or scrape on the front side leg just below the joint on the side as indicated by S36.

Remember to drink more water (preferably alkaline mineral water or Bianstone water using Bianstone cup) after each of the above bianstone session), and you should be on the way to boost our immunity and prevent the common cold or other illness. Prevention is better than cure. Gradually, you will learn how to take charge of your own health without medicine.
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