How Bian Stone Therapy Can heal you?

Health is Forever
"Bianstone can promote health. Ultrasound and infrared electromagnetic waves can improve body circulations, reduce pain and inflammation. In the eastern naturopathy perspective, Bianstone can even regulate the Qi and opening up the energy channels and collaterals, dispelling rheumatism, clearing away from the heat and thus tranquilizing the mind.

Bianstone is the gift from the Nature and it is an alternative to the sole use of medication for the treatment of illness and diseases as a green medicine."
Bianstone therapy in olden times

Why Bianstone Therapy

Bian stones magic magnetic field and infrared pulsation work directly on the whole body ,especially your blood circulation. And latest research showed that there are lots of dormant immunity cells that remain inactivated because of its inaccessibility . Bian stone acupressure allows you to utilize its versatile healing capability to activate the immunity cells and help you to keep forever away from diseases.
The magnetic field that constantly emanates from the bian stone and its ultrasonic pulses can activate the dormant immunity cells in our body , correspond and enhance the functions of the pineal gland. It is a miracle in the interdisciplinary realm of physics and biology. The bian stone is composed of the same elements that found in the pineal gland, with its charcoal black color in nice contrast with the white color of the pineal gland. The waves and magnetic field of the bian stone harmonize with the pineal gland  and activate the dormant immunity cells in  your body, and by so doing , rejuvenate your body and health.

The ultrasonic pulses :        
   The ultrasonic wave that emanates from the bian healing stone has the following healing effects on your body :

1 : Massage effects : The massage effect can cause very fine-tuned vibration of the body cells and by so doing rejuvenate your body. Also massage effects can wake up the dormant immunity cells in the back and make your immunity system more less vulnerable and more powerful.

2 : Heating effects : The heat absorbed by our body from the bian healing stone can make our blood circulate faster and have the benefit of relieving pains and paroxysms and improving our metabolism.

3 : Biological effects : The ultrasonic waves can be conducive to some chemistry reactions in our body and activate some enzymes and thus improve the environment for our metabolism on the molecular level.

4 : Nerves-soothing effects :
   Our nerves are sensitive to the ultrasonic waves. Little doses of ultrasonic waves can have sedative effects on our system and thus keeps body pains at abeyance.

5 : Other beneficial effects : can enhance intestinal movement and improve digestion. Can help with the coronary artery to supply blood to our heart muscles. Can help with our renal blood circultation, help our kidneys to work better and keep healthy.

The infra-red effects :
The infra red ray from the bian stone has the following effects :

1 : It can increase the activation of the water molecules and the oxygen absorption in the body. The infra red ray can resonate with the water molecules and make it separate into an independent oxygen molecule and hydrogen molecules and by so doing increase the oxygen percentage in the body and slow down the aging process.

2 : It can improve the digestive and respiratory system . The independent water molecules can transit freely in the body cells and by resonance it can generate heat which make the subcutaneous temperature rise a little , leading to better blood circulation and the opening up of the vascular vessels. The more the blood vessels open up , the less pressure the heart feels. And the independent water molecule also provide better nutrition to body cells and improve our metabolism . Which means a better nourished and cleansed body.

3 : The balance of PH.
The infrared ray can purify the blood and balance the ph in our body and prevent ph-imbalance-induced disease like pain in the joints.

4.  Contains many beneficial Trace Elements able to fulfill the function of  : absorb and transform, emit and infiltrate and all the 4 functions co-reacting together to heal the body . According to a lab test by Dr Li from Taiwan, bianstone is able to absorb harmful chemicals from our skin when rub against a bianstone. Also, a kind of rare mineral Gd found in Bianstone is able to unstable neutrons. As a result, bianstone has been tested successfully to curb cancer cells.
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