How to use Bianstone Therapy

How to use Bian Stone Therapy

After getting your Bian stone to get a total rejuvenation of your health, what mostly concern you is how to use them. Here are the 16 most time-honoured method of administering Bian stone that have been used in China for thousands of years. Some Bian stone can be worn like Bian bracelets, Bian ring, Bian hat, Bian belt etc. You can drink activated mineral water from Bian cup or bian stones etc. Some bianstone are very useful for self massage , scraping,etc . They can be relied on to make you comfortable ,refreshed & healthy after the administration. Just follow the 16 methods and you are on your way now.   Remember to drink a cup of water after using the bian stone to flush out the toxins from your body.

Sensing : Just having bian stone near your body or touching your body can give you healing effects. This is called sensing. Because the stone is giving out a magnetic field and ultrasonic pulses ,you can get clinical benefits just by putting a bian stone in the proximity of you or touching your body. This is the primary method of bian healing.    

Pressing. Exerting some pressure on the stone after it touches our body will produce stronger and more effective healing effects. Under pressure , the magnetic energy and the bian pracititioner’s manipulation can better work on our meridians( vital energy channel in our body ). Pressing is omnipresent in bian healing .    

Rolling. Rolling is an extension of the method pressing. First put some pressure on the stone , then roll it along the meridian. It is a mild technique. Rolling stoneware includes : bian stick , bian ball and bian cylinder.
Rubbing : Rubbing refers to rub the human body with bian stone in a mild way. Usually we use cotton cloth as medium between the stone and the skin .Rubbing is good for the vital energy channel in the human body ,dissolve blood clotting and help to relax the body system. Rubbing is a mild technique, often combined with the kneading technique.

Pricking. Pricking is similar to the acupuncture method. Use a bian stone to prick the acupoints in our body. We can use bian anvil  bian board, bian stick and bian ball to administer this method. Bian pricking is not the same as ordinary pricking . It is based on the magnetic field of the stone and its ultrasonic waves, so we can not pursue the intensity of our administration blindly.
Scratching : Scratch our body along the line of the meridians. The method scratching concentrate the pressure on points dotted along the meridian line so its healing effects are also enhanced . It has very good meridian-cleansing and detoxification effects.  

7  Knocking . Knocking refers to knock one part of our body with the bian stone . The knocking frequency had better be synchronized with that of the pulse to achieve the best effect. Knocking can improve the blood circulation and get rid of the toxin and heat in the body. When applied to the shoulders and the four limbs, the knocking should be intensive while the torso and the head should only get mild dosage.
Scraping : Scrape the human body with a bian stone, usually the bian board. It is also called gwa sha. It’s the most common bian healing method.People also use various other material to do scraping. But combined with the benefits of the bian stone, gwa sha can bring you amazing rejuvenation.Latest scientific research has shown that there are lots of dormant immunity cells in the back .By administering bian stone gwa sha to the back these immunity cells would be activated by the magnetic field and the ultrasonic waves that emanates from the bian stone. In one world, bian stone , together with the time-honored gwa sha , can bask your body in robust health.

Patting :Pat any part of your body with a bian stone ruler. It is different from the knocking method in that the vehicle is the ruler and it is more intense and its effects is more penetrating down into the skin. It is a oft-administered method to cleanse and activate the blood vessels and dissolve clotting in the blood.
Kneading  Knead the human skin with bian stone .It differs from the rubbing method in that it is working on a deeper level-the muscles instead of the skin. It is more intensified than the rubbing method. It also help to relax the body , revitalize the vital energy , or qi ,circulation and so on. To administer the method in the right way , you need to apply it counter-clockwise and to keep the pressure up. From point to the surface , from mild to intensive.

Vibrating. The bian stone healing practitioner hold the bian stone onto the human body and simultaneously vibrate it . It is often combined with the pressing and the pricking method to achieve the best results. Its beneficial effects can penetrate to the inner organ of the body , like the live and the intestine.
Pulling / Retrieving. During the pressing and pricking method , when the pressing or pricking pressure reaches its peak, the practitioner retrieve the bian stone abruptly in the contrary direction. This is called the retrieving method. When the bian anvil or prick press the human body , the blood pressure in the area that receives the pressing will go higher and the blood will run to its proximity area. When the retrieval happened , its pressure suddenly drops and the blood will rush back to this area. And by so doing we make the blood circulation in this area very active and the blood vessel opens up. It is similar to the world famous TCM cupping. Only you get the benefit of this magic bian stone, to boot.      

Warming First we heat up the bian stone, then make them touch our human body. Usually the bian anvil is used . You can either heat up the bian stone anvil in warm water or heat it by sunshine. Then administer it to the body.It is a very common and effective method. Since we know that only by putting a bian stone near our human body can we make the blood circulate better, if we warm up the healing stone, the healing effects will be much better. And believe me, it also feels fabulous .

Cooling. First warming then cooling. Totally in line with the Chinese Yin-yang philosophy. Immerse the bian stone in cold water for a while before applying it to the ailing part of the body. It can balance the over heat in the body. Take care not to over do it. Especially for old people. The cooling method also can get rid of wrinkles and beautify the face. Combined with the mysterious magnetic field and the various healing waves of the stone , you are going to look good.      

Listening. As aforesaid in other parts of this website, the musicians in ancient china who play bian stone instruments all enjoyed a long and healthy life. So it does not take rocket science to know that we can get benefit from just listening to the music that emanates from this magic healing stone.
The magnetic field together with the ultrasonic pulses from the stone can let you bask in the healing effects of this magic stone forever.

Playing .So instead of listening to the music by bian stone , now you are playing the instrument yourself. The famous Chinese philosopher Confucius ,during his life time , advocated playing bian instrument to get health. The music that emanates from the stone is very penetrating. It can penetrate our body ,massaging it on its way and giving it benefits on different levels. When the player hit the bian stone to get sound , he is the one who enjoys the most from this magic healing stone from China. So come on and be a musician.
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