Overview of Bianstone Therapy

Over thousands of years, Chinese people have used a special kind of stone to treat diseases, by applying them to specific body parts. These small stones, for healing purposes, is called Bianstone. They are generally used as an instrument similar to acupuncture needles. Unlike acupuncture, Bianstone therapy can be applied by anyone without knowing the exact location of the acupressure point. Also, Bianstone therapy is good for those who are afraid of the needle.

The traditional Chinese Medicine uses stone-made medical equipment from Bianstone. Ancient Medical scripts "Huangdi Neijing" rank Bianstone Therapy first among the five Chinese medical practices. It was lost through the years, due to the shortage of the suitable rock materials.

In 1980s, thanks to scientific research and petrophysical test of stones, a type of stone called Sibin pumice dating from the ancient times was found suitable for making Bianstone tools. As a result, a green therapy that has been lost for thousands of years reemerged. After years of development and clinical application, it was found that Bianstone has a remarkable and toxicity-free therapeutic effect. And a series of Bianstone tools and accessories has been developed consequently. These Bianstone products not only undergo rigorous tests but also obtain the security certifications of EU and China. Therefore, they can be safely used in the treatment of chronic diseases and sports injuries, and they can also be used in medical care and help to bring a speedy recovery to the organic body, and also for daily health maintenance to keep fit.

Laboratory Tests of Sibin Bianstone:

1. When rubbed against the body, Bianstone can generate infra-red radiation, which could produce thermal effects, therefore effectively improve microcirculation and promote blood circulation.

2. Bian Stone also can generate 2-2000k Hz ultrasound pulsation (3698 times per rubbing on human skin), which could deeply penetrate into our body, thus could activate cells and tissues and dredge the collateral channels.

3. Chemical analysis shows that there are more than thirty trace elements such as Sr, Ti, Cr, Mn, Zn, Ca, Fe, P, K, and Na - elements which are beneficial and necessary for human beings.

4. Beneficial negative ions are produced.

5.  Contains many beneficial Trace Elements able to fulfill the function of  : absorb and transform, emit and infiltrate and all the 4 functions co-reacting together to heal the body . According to a lab test by Dr Li from Taiwan, bianstone is able to absorb harmful chemicals from our skin when rub against a bianstone. Also, a kind of rare mineral Gd found in Bianstone is able to unstable neutrons. As a result, bianstone has been tested successfully to curb cancer cells.

6. Other Unknown factors


1. Used for Massage Therapy - As ultrasonic waves produce a certain pressure on the cells in the body, causing the cells to react, by doing so, changing the status of the mutated cells, resulting in a healing effect.

2. Heat Effect - As the body absorbs the energy from the ultrasonic waves, circulation within the skin is increased, leading to heat effects within tissues. This heat results in analgesic effects, resolving muscle spasm, improving tissue micro-circulation status, etc.

3. Biological effects - As the ultrasonic waves effect bodily chemical or hormonal processes, improve the efficacy of enzymes, thus strengthen the body’s ability to regenerate, and rehabilitate.

4. Effects on the Nervous system - The nervous system is particularly sensitive to ultrasonic waves, a small dosage of ultrasonic waves has a suppressive effect on the nervous system, causing nerve conductions to slow down, thus leading to a profound analgesia.

5. Other effects - The ultrasonic waves increase gastric motility, causing an increase production of gastrin. They also cause coronary artery dilatation, improving blood supply to the myocardium; renal artery dilatation, increasing blood flow to the kidneys.


1. Revolutionary energy stone for Pain Relief

2.To emit far-infrared, negative ions and ultrasonic wave for therapeutic effects

3. Specially design for massage therapy to boost the effects of massage therapeutic effects. When a masseur massage another person with a bianstone,  the masseur also benefits from holding the bianstone. Both person benefits. So the bianstone is very good for husband and wife body massage at home, especially using the bianstone to rub each other's back. It will boost their immunity, and both of them will benefit from touching the bianstone.
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 Bianstone Therapy is a gift from 6500 years ago

 husband & wife bianstone therapy
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