Scientific Proof of Bianstone Healing

The Ultrasonic Test  Parameters for Sibin Bianstone

Friction between the body and any kind of material can produce ultrasonic pulses, but the number and frequency of ultrasonic pulses vary. Listed in the following table are the average numbers of ultrasonic pulses produced by slab-shaped tools made of different materials scraping the back of hand.

Sibin Stone Ultrasonic waves
Researches show that the micro-vascular of the nerve endings can be stimulated by directly pressing Bianstone against human body, leading to an excitatory effect. By measuring the amount of carbon dioxide released by the skin, it is found that the metabolism improves when a Bian stone is pressed against the body. Ultrasonic pulses can help the body fight against inflammation, promote blood circulation and soften fibrotic tissues after an injury, and improve body's microcirculation. The researches also reveal that Bianstone Therapy can promote the metabolism of the meridian points.

The ultrasonic pulses with the frequency from 20 thousand to 2 million hertz constantly emanates from the Bian stone. The pulsation can help the blood to circulate ,dissolve the clogging in the blood activate the dormant immunity cells in your body and by thus doing it your health and constitution can get a holistical rejuvenation. So the beatuy of the magic stone is that it is easily administered. You just need to wear it. A green and painless cure that is innocent of any needles, wrong-medicine-induced side effects and any allergies and any clinical nightmares that you can imagine.

The ultrasonic wave that emanates from the bian healing stone has the following healing effects on your body :

       1 : Massage effects : The massage effect can cause very fine-tuned vibration
            of the body cells and by so doing rejuvenate   your body. Also massage
            effects can wake up the dormant immunity cells in the back and make
            your immunity system more less vulnerable and more powerful.

       2 : Heating effects : The heat absorbed by our body from the bian healing
            stone can make our blood circulate faster and have the benefit of
            relieving pains and paroxysms and improving our metabolism.

       3 : Biological effects : The ultrasonic waves can be conducive to some
            chemistry reactions in our body and activate som enzymes and thus
            improve the environment for our metabolism on the molecular level.

       4 : Nerves-soothing effects :Our nerves are sensitive to the ultrasonic waves.
            Little doses of ultrasonic waves can have sedative effects on our system
            and thus keeps body pains at abeyance.

       5 : Other beneficial effects : can enhance intestinal movement and improve
            digestion. Can help with the coronary artery to
            supply blood to our heart muscles. Can help with our renal blood
            circultation, help our kidneys to work better and keep

The magnetic field that constantly emanates from the bian stone and its ultrasonic pulses can activate the dormant immunity cells in our body , correspond and enhance the functions of the pineal gland. It is a miracle in the interdisciplinary realm of physics and biology. The bian stone is composed of the same elements that is found in the pineal gland, with its charcoal black color in nice contrast with the white color of the pineal gland. The waves and magnetic field of the bian stone harmonize with the pineal gland  and activate the dormant immunity cells in  your body, and by so doing , rejuvenate your body and health.
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