Scientific Proof of Bianstone Healing

Microcrystalline structure of Sibin Bianstone

Microcrystalline structure of Stone is a calcite crystal size of less than 0.03mm with delicate texture making the sibin bianstone very silky smooth and comfortable to touch. You feel very comfortable touching the stone. So it is very safe to use for scraping and massaging the body or face directly without applying any oil.

Strange Energy field & Other Unknown Factors

Sibin Bian stone has a strange energy field and other unknown factors which also contribute to the efficiency of Bianstone healing.

At the source of the Sibin Bian stone area, many people have noticed snakes and animals enjoy resting on the stone probably due to infrared.

Abundance of Negative Ions when rubbed against the body

Sibin Bianstone produces negative ions when rubbed against the skin.

1. Bian stone origin -  the mother of modern acupuncture

Bian in Chinese dictionary means pressing on the skin with a stone needle to cure the disease. Because of the exhaustion of rock material for making Bian stone therapeutics instruments, Bian stone therapeutics disappeared in history books after East Han Dynasty (25-220). It is discovered that Sibin Stone is an ideal material for manufacturing Bian stone instruments. It was 65 million years ago, a huge meteorite hit the east china area and exploded which made the limestone stripped and floated into the air. Under the high temperature and pressure, the limestone and interstellar material mutually infiltrated and then landed to form Sibin pumice rock.

2. Characteristics of Sibin Pumice Bian stone

(1) Safe to use: Authority department tested there is no side  effect of Bian stone.

(2) Composition: There are more than forty kinds of trace elements and minerals, and more than twenty kinds of anti-aging elements, such as Sr, Ti, Cr, Mn, Zn, Ca, Fe, P, K, and Na.

(3) Very Long Far-infrared ray: Sibin Stone has wide frequency band of infrared radiation, the wave length is up to 16-20 μm, the longest ultra infrared ray found in stones.

(4) Very High Ultrasonic Waves: State Seismological Bureau Institute of physics tested ultrasonic found that Sibin pumice Bian stone can produce 2-2000 thousands hertz of 3708 ultrasonic pulses when you rub your body with a Bian stone.

(5) Microcrystalline structure: It is formed by calcite Microcrystalline of about than 0.03mm, which is exquisite and silky smooth when you touch.

Why Sibian Bianstone  has the function of inhibiting the cancer cell growth?

Modern medicine has proven that the cancer cells can be inhibited by ultrasonic waves.Sibin Bian stone itself contains abundant nature ultrasonic pulse, which has the function of inhibiting cancer cell growth.

5.Who is suitable for Bian stone therapy?

The people who want to discharge the waste of body and purity the body internal environment. The people who want to keep health and lose weight. The person who is confused with the poor microcirculation, men xenia, and gynecology  diseases. The people who want to enhance the immunity and improve the physique. The person who want to improve the backache, omalgia, neuralgia,insomnia, overwork, constipation, hands and foot freezing, mental disorder.

6.How about the Bian stone therapy on beauty?

Bian stone therapy can improve the immunity, strengthen body constitution and facilitate disease-prevention prior to treatment.

Reduce the drug dependence, decrease the dosage of western medicine in a safe and efficient way, and relieve the side-effect and toxin of the following: blood pressure, diabetes, sedative and sleeping pill, antibiotics, hormone, cough and asthma, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, narcotics etc.

Weight control: Bian scraping board is the main scraping devices, through stimulating the meridian and points of body to achieve dredges channels and collaterals of human body, and improve microcirculation of body, eliminate heat and poison in human body, and remove the unnecessary grease,Bian stone therapy is a kind of nature health therapy method without drug and non-invasive.

7. To which disease the Bian stone therapy has the obvious function?

Accelerate the blood circulation increase the  oxygen content, and enhance the cytoactive, and it is popular among the sub healthy.

Relive the backache, omalgia, neuralgia,insomnia, overwork, constipation, hands and foot freezing, mental disorder,Poor microcirculation, men xenia,cyclomastopathy and gynecology diseases. Improve the insomnia and mental disorder. Eliminate heat and poison in human body, and remove the unnecessary grease to keep fit.  Cure the headache, dizzy, near-sighted, malnutrition, chin cough, skin disease, heptoses, and high blood. Improve the diabetes and cerebral thrombosis sequel. Inhibit the cancer cell growth with Hyperthermia.

A raw Sibin Bian stone
A raw Sibin Bian stone
"Original Sibin Bian stones are slabs of pumice stone block scattered on the surface of the earth which makes it a really "Yang" stone according to the Yin-Yang theory whereas other fake stones are "Ying" stones buried under the ground.

It has a layer of skin on top as well as the bottom with a brownish, yellow or red mix type of colour"
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