Scientific Proof of Bianstone Healing

Scientific Proof of Bianstone Healing

In electromagnetic spectrum, a certain range less than 0.75μm is called the infrared region, which cannot be detected by the naked eyes, but can be recorded by instrument. The specific classification of infrared is as follows:

All materials can release infrared rays, and the wavelength of infrared is determined by the material per se. However, the wavelength of the infrared beneficial to people is approximately between 7μm and 20μm. Therefore, it is of great importance that we choose tools and accessories made of materials advantageous to our health. Only in this way can we obtain the maximum results with little effort in medical treatment and health care.
bianstone infra-red wavelength
The Remote Infrared Sensing Properties of Sibin Bianstone

After studying the wavelengths of different types of stones, people find that Bianstone is the only type whose infrared energy density can still maintain a high level when its wavelength reaches 15μm while other types show varying degrees of decrease under the same circumstances.

Further studies reveal that Bianstone can raise body temperature by releasing far-infrared. And it is based on the discovery that Bianstone is developed as a useful medical tool.

This Cross-sectional Experimental Design intends to find the effect of Bianstone on body temperature. The researches use infrared thermal imager to take the body temperature of 13 subjects. At the beginning of the experiment, the subjects are required to sit quietly in a room, and the temperature of a certain part of their body is taken. Five minutes later, the temperature of the same body part is retaken. By comparing the two groups of data, we find no statistical difference, indicating that the temperature of the measured body part is stable. In the second part of the experiment, researchers place a Bianstone approximately one centimeter from the skin of the subjects. And after retaking the temperature, they find an average 1°C rise in body temperature (between 0.5°C and 2°C). Increase in temperature varies from person to person. But there exists an obvious statistical difference from the previous results. This suggests that the infrared-scattering of Bianstone can effectively raise body temperature, thus promoting circulation of organic body and helps to bring a speedy recovery.

 Bianstone remote infrared sensing properties of Sibin Bianstone

The Very Far infrared effects of Sibin Bianstone

The infra red ray from the bian stone has the following effects

1 : It can increase the activation of the water molecules and the oxygen absorption in the body. The infra red ray can resonate with the water molecules and make it separate into an independent oxygen molecule and hydrogen molecules and by so doing increase the oxygen percentage in the body and slow down the aging process.

2 : It can improve the digestive and respiratory system . The independent water molecules can transit freely in the body cells and by resonance it can generate heat which make the subcutaneous temperature rise a little , leading to better blood circulation and the opening up of the vascular vessels. The more the blood vessels open up , the less pressure the heart feels. And the independent water molecule also provide better nutrition to body cells and improve our metabolism . Which means a better nourished and cleansed body.

3 : The balance of PH.

The infrared ray can purify the blood and balance the PH in our body and prevent PH-imbalance-induced disease like pain in the joints.
bianstone far infrared
bianstone infrared testing
Before applying bracelets. Wearing bracelets 10min. later                                 
Left wrist: Jade bracelet.
Right: Healing stone - Bian stone bracelet.(The temperature is higher) 

bianstone infrared healing proof
Healing stone also has a very wide infrared radiation spectrum compared with other materials used in infrared therapy. It can improve blood circulation, and its vibratile energy can heat the internal organs, reduce toxin and heavy metals, and cellulite. It can also deliver skin cleansing and rejuvenation.
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