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The Oval shape Bianstone is a very good product. I have very bad pain on my thumb and hand due to excessive use of blackberry and Iphone. My colleague has the same problem and he had been told by the doctor that he needs an operation to cure the pain. I was panicked and on the advice of my friend , I bought the healing stone and use it to rub on my thumb and palm. It has very smooth edge and it is very easy to use. I use it diligently for about a week, about 10 minutes every night before bed, after I week's usage, the pain was completely gone.

My husband also had a muscle strain on his arm and I use it to rub his arm for a few days. Again, his arm was completely cured after a few days. It is a fantastic product and I will not hesitate to recommend it to anybody.

Best Regards,
Doreen , Singapore
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