Introduction to the New Bian stone Therapy

Health is Forever
Bian stone therapy has proven to be an effective treatment for common ailments and chronic diseases including:

Cervical Syndrome
Lumbar problems
Joint pain and stiffness
Facial Nerve Palsy
Partial Palsy
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Computer Vision Syndrome
Eye and sight problems
Skin problems

Promising Applications
Coronary heart disease
Metabolic disorders
Parkinson's disease

Requiring Further Research
Cosmetic enhancer
Slimming/ balancing metabolism
Sports performance

Bian stone therapy uses a range of massage tools made from the unique Sibin stone.  The marriage of Sibin stone and massage has been shown to enhance the healing process and calm the nervous system.

Sibin Bian stone's exceptional ability to ease pain through improving blood and qi circulation has made it a very popular health care product in China. 

Its our desire to promote this wonderul therapy to the rest of the world, so that people of all ages and cultural backgrounds can benefit from the healing power of Sibin.

The adaptation of the New Bian Stone Therapy
A number of hospitals and universities in China have conducted clinical research on Bian stone therapy. 

Results from their research has shown that Sibin Bian Stone Therapy is an effective treatment for a number ailments and chronic diseases, particularly those which have been difficult to treat using conventional western medicine.

Bianstone therapy in olden times
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