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What is Bianstone?
Modern Acupuncture, Guashua and Moxibustion has its origins from Bian stone originated from the Stone Age, which is also known as the mother of modern acupuncture.
Standard Mandarin,
針砭 (zhēn biān) (a related word, 針灸 (zhēn jiǔ), refers to acupuncture together with moxibustion).The earliest written record that is available about acupuncture is Huangdi Neijing (黄帝内经 or Yellow Emperor's Medical Book) which was compiled around 305-204 B.C. "Yellow Emperor" have recorded the complete framework of traditional Chinese medicine including Bian,acupuncture, moxibustion, medicine & massage. Bian stone healing was the most important aspect of TCM which was lost due to the scarcity of good stones.

Throughout the history Chinese people use acupuncture and gua sha to cure disease and make people stronger. Now we introduce Bian stone to the picture. The relationship between Bian stone and acupuncture and gua sha is that Bian stone healing is the ancestor
of acupuncture and gua sha and various other forms of Chinese healing methods.

Bian stone healing was interrupted for thousands of years only because this kind of rare and magic stone became very very scarce and extremely difficult to find as transport is not very accessible at that time. But people use other material , like normal stone and bull’s horn to substitute it.It is no coincidence that the Chinese characters for “music" and medicine are homophones. In ancient China , it was noticed that the musicians who played music on Bian stone instruments for the emperors tended to enjoy a very healthy and long life. Some TCM(traditional Chinese medicine) doctors translated this magic mysterious power of this stone into clinical application. It happened that some soldiers reported to have very good feelings on some parts of their body while getting shot by an arrow in some other place. This is the origin of acupuncture. And since the musicians can enjoy long life just by playing music on this kind of stone, people assumed that just being exposed to this kind of stone would bring healing effects. And then some doctors brought it further to Bian stone scraping

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Huangdi-Neijing Bianstone Stone needle
Thousands of years ago, ancient Chinese people accidentally discovered that the physical contact with certain stones can produce a therapeutic effect, and from this discovery originated the theory of “curing diseases with stones.
Bianstone is a type of stone with therapeutic effect, which is recorded in the literature of every dynasty. However, as time goes on, Bianstone has passed into oblivion. Owing to its rarity and the lack of methods in obtaining it, Bianstone Therapeutics has disappeared from history books as early as the Eastern Han Dynasty.
The Sibin pumice was discovered by a famous musician in China by the name of Professor Yang as a result of finding and replacing for the 2 damaged stone muscials out of 13 stone musicals unearthed in Shandong. After much hard work, Mr Yang managed to find the stone used to make the unearthed stone musicals used in Imperial court music and ritual and revive the lost music. Mr Yang's discovery of the Si Bin Stone led to a re-discovery of the ancient traditional Chinese musical instruments - the scared Chimes Bell. News of this discovery hit the media in Asia as well as Europe.
In the early 1980s, thanks to scientific research and petrophysical test of different types of stones found in China by Professor Geng from Beijing, a type of stone called Sibin pumice discovered by Mr Yang dating from the ancient times was found to be the most suitable for making Bianstone tools. Professor Geng from Beijing conducted several tests on this mysterious Si Bin Stone and concluded very strongly that the stone has the quality for the long-lost Bian Stone Healing. Also, the sibin pumice stone site also tally with the historical record of bian stones found in historical record books. But this Sibin pumice stone is still considered very rare as it can only be found in Sibin Area in China. As a result, a green therapy that has been lost for thousands of years reemerged as early as 1990. After years of development and clinical application, it was found that Bianstone has a remarkable and toxicity-free therapeutic effect. And a series of Bianstone tools and accessories has been developed consequently. These Bianstone products not only undergo rigorous tests but also obtain the security certifications of EU and China. Therefore, they can be safely used in the treatment of chronic diseases and sports injuries, boosting immunity, and they can also be used in medical care and help to bring a speedy recovery to the organic body akin to acupuncture,if not better than acupuncture. This has been used successfully in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and US.
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