XCMG Construction Machinery & Equipment



Sunnforest stock a complete range of New and 2nd Hand XCMG Construction Equipment like XCMG Excavator, XCMG Wheel Loader, XCMG Road Roller, XCMG Truck Crane, XCMG Drilling Machinery, XCMG Crawler Bulldozer, etc. Contact us with your main application so we can recommend a suitable XCMG equipment model for you. Related XCMG Spare parts is also available from Sunnforest.


XCMG Construction Equipment & Machinery Model

For more details on purchase of below XCMG equipment, contact us for more information. XCMG Spare parts for below model is also available. Refer to our XCMG Spare parts for more information.

XCMG 35 Ton Rough terrain crane RT35

XCMG 25 Ton Rough Terrain Crane RT25

XCMG 25 Ton Rough Terrain Crane RT25

XCMG 75 Ton Truck Crane QY75K

XCMG 134HP Single Drum Vibratory Roller XS123H

XCMG 130ton Truck Crane XCT130

XCMG 110ton Truck Crane XCT110

XCMG 90ton Truck Crane XCT90

XCMG 80ton Truck Crane XCT80L6

XCMG 55Ton Truck Crane XCT55L6

XCMG 35Ton Truck Crane XCT35

XCMG 100ton Truck Crane XCT100

XCMG 55Ton Truck Crane XCT55L5

XCMG 25Ton Truck Crane XCT25L5

XCMG 20Ton Truck Crane XCT20L5

XCMG 20Ton Truck Crane XCT20L4

XCMG 16Ton Truck Crane XCT16

XCMG 12Ton Truck Crane XCT12L4

XCMG 8ton Truck Crane XCT8L4

XCMG 70Ton Truck Crane QY70K-I

XCMG Truck Crane XCT80

XCMG truck crane RT55E

XCMG truck crane RT50

XCMG Truck Crane QY30K5-I

XCMG Truck Crane QY25K5A

XCMG 50Ton Mobile Truck Crane QY50KA

XCMG 25 Ton Mobile Truck Crane QY25K5-I

XCMG 43m Truck-mounted Concrete Boom Pump HB43K

XCMG 39m Truck-mounted Concrete Boom Pump HB39K

XCMG 100Ton Drive Dump Truck XDM100

XCMG 65Ton Lightweight Mining Truck XDM70

XCMG Trailer-mounted Concrete Line Pump HBT6013K

XCMG Mining Dump Truck NXG5650DT

XCMG 170Ton Electric Drive Dump Truck XDE200

XCMG 25 Ton Truck Crane QY25K-II

XCMG 2Ton Wheel Loader LW200KV

XCMG 3Ton Wheel Loader LW300KV

XCMG 1.8ton Wheel Loader LW180KV

XCMG 1.3ton Wheel Loader LW160FV

XCMG Wheel loader LW500KN

XCMG Wheel Loader LW160KV

XCMG 50Ton Wheel loader ZL50GN

XCMG 12 Ton Wheel Loader LW1200KN

XCMG 11Ton Wheel Loader LW1100KV

XCMG 9Ton wheel loader LW900KN

XCMG 8Ton Wheel Loader LW800KN

XCMG 7Ton Wheel Loader LW700KV

XCMG 7Ton Wheel Loader LW700KN

XCMG 6Ton Wheel Loader LW600KN


XCMG 5Ton Wheel Loader LW500FN

XCMG Tier4 Final Engine Wheel Loader XC949

XCMG Tier3 Engine Wheel Loader XC948

XCMG All-terrain Crane XCA100E(CE)

XCMG 14ton Single Drum Vibratory Roller XS143J 

XCMG 11ton Single Drum Vibratory Roller XS113

XCMG 12ton Single Drum Road Roller XS123

XCMG 38m Straight Boom Aerial Work Platform GTBZ38S

XCMG 32m Straight Boom Aerial Work Platform GTBZ32S

XCMG 22m Straight Boom Aerial Work Platform GTBZ22S

XCMG 26m Straight Boom Aerial Work Platform GTBZ26S

XCMG 12m Scissors Aerial Work Platform GTJZ1212

XCMG 10m Scissors Aerial Work Platform GTJZ1012

XCMG 6m Scissors Aerial Work Platform GTJZ0607

XCMG 14m Articulated Boom Aerial Work Platform GTBZ14JD

XCMG 18m Articulated Boom Aerial Work Platform GTBZ18A1

XCMG Single Drum Vibratory Roller XS113E

XCMG Light Vibratory Rollers XMR303S

XCMG Single Drum Vibratory Roller XS203J/XS223J

XCMG Tyred Roller XP163/XP203

XCMG 6x4 Dump Truck Loading Capacity 14000kg NCL3258

XCMG 220Ton Electric Drive Dump Truck XDE240

XCMG 90Ton Mining Excavator XE900D

XCMG 75Ton Mining Excavator XE750D

XCMG 46.1Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE470C

XCMG 33.9Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE345C

XCMG excavator XE150WB

XCMG 70Ton excavator XE700C

XCMG 47Ton excavator XE470C

XCMG 21Ton excavator XE210C

XCMG 4.2Ton Hydraulic Excavator

XCMG 300Ton Mining Hydraulic Excavator XE3000

XCMG 22Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE215D

XCMG 7.5Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE75D

XCMG 13Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE135D

XCMG 15Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE150D

XCMG 47Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE470D

XCMG 49Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE490D

XCMG 5.7Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE55D

XCMG 33Ton Medium-Size Hydraulic Excavator XE335C

XCMG 21Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE215C

XCMG 37Ton Large Hydraulic Excavator XE370CA

XCMG 1.8Ton Hydraulic Excavator XE15U

XCMG 390Ton Mining Hydraulic Excavator XE4000E

XCMG Mining Motor Grader GR5505

XCMG Mining Motor Grader GR3505

XCMG Mining Motor Grader GR2405

XCMG Mining Motor Grader GR2403

XCMG moto grader GR165

XCMG moto grader GR135

XCMG 165-180HP Motor Grader GR165

XCMG 190HP Motor Grader GR180

XCMG moto grader GR215

XCMG Road Roller Tyre Roller XP163

XCMG road roller XS142J

XCMG road roller XS122

XCMG road roller XD133

XCMG road roller xp263k

XCMG road roller XMR30E

XCMG road roller XMR08


XCMG 2.5ton Backhoe Loader XT870H

XCMG Backhoe Loader XC870HK

XCMG Backhoe Loader XC870K

XCMG Backhoe Loader WZ30-25

XCMG skid steel loader XT740

XCMG Skid Loader XC740K

XCMG Skid Loader XC760K

XCMG Skid Loader XC750K

XCMG Boom-Type Tunnel Roadheader XTR7/260

XCMG Boom-Type Tunnel Roadheader XTR6/260

XCMG 5Ton Side-Dump Loader ZL50GN


XCMG Horizontal Directional Drill XZ5000

XCMG Horizontal Directional Drill XZ680

XCMG Horizontal Directional Drill XZ320

XCMG Trench Cutter XTC80

XCMG Rotary Drilling Rig XR360

XCMG Rotary Drilling Rig XR180D

XCMG Rotary Drilling Rig XR150D/II

XCMG Horizontal Directional Drill XZ180

XCMG Boom-Type Tunnel Roadheader XTR260


XCMG Forklift Loader LW500KN-T18

XCMG 136kN Wheel Bulldozer DL210KN

XCMG 343KW Crawler Bulldozer TY410

XCMG 257 KW Crawler Bulldozer TY320

XCMG Wheel Bulldozer DL560

XCMG 175 KW Crawler Bulldozer TY230

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