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Conveyor Components
Conveyor Components

Conveyor Components

conveyor skate wheels
Skate wheel

Skate wheel product series have small volume and light weight, are propitious to be used to transport goods with flat bottom, and normally be used for curve or merge/divert part in transport systems. It can also be used as guard rail or guidance function, or uses on rack.
ball transfer for conveyor
Ball transfer

As a component that can transport unit product turning, pushing conveniently, ball transfer has wide application in transmission, feeding, machining system, processes the machinery and in the pack machinery supporting facility. Ball transfer material may be selected according to the different using environment, situation and purpose.(please use lubricating oil when it works)
flow rack for conveyor
Flow rack

Flow rack mainly uses in transporting or warehousing system assembly products, may serve as rail track, guard rail, guide device, with good rolling characteristics and low cost.
Adjustable cup foot for conveyor
Adjustable cup foot

The adjustable cup foot widely applies in conveyor and other mechanical equipments to adjust level or height. The cup feet are made of different material(stainless steel, carton steel) suitably in different environment and the situation.
Mining Roller conveyor frame
Mining roller conveyor frame

We have mine conveyor frame in different size. It is used with mining roller to support the belt to transport the sand, mineral etc.
Bearing for conveyor

Different kinds of bearings used in rollers.
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