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Vehicle / Truck Loading & Unloading Conveyor System

The vehicle loading conveyor system can be used for loading and unloading of trucks,containers,railway cars and trailers.

Fluid loading of packs,bags and boxes.

Can be installed as a high capacity bagging and batching system.



DN600 Inclined Vehicle Loading & Unloading Conveyor

DN600 Inclined Unloading Conveyor / Vehicle Conveyor
Technical Parameter of DN600 Inclined Unloading Conveyor for Vehicle:

Adjustable height range is 700~2500mm;
Max Inclined Angle of  conveyor is 29 degree
Transportation Belt: 5mm Thickness
600mm Width Green PVC Climbing Belt
Power of Motor: Morot for Belt Driven: 1.5Kw
Motor for uplifting: 2.2 Kw, 380V Phase
Load Capacity: 50 kgs / m
Speed: 10-22m /min, Frequency Control Speed

Length of conveyor: 4660mm
Belt Width:600mm 
Table Width:720mm  
Lifting Height:700-2500(mm)
Belt Type: 5mm thickness PVC anti-skidding belt
Frame Material:3mm Carbon Steel, powder coated
Load capacity:50kg/m
Motor Power for Conveying:1.5kw
Motor Power for Uplifting:2.2kw
Adjustable Speed:10-20m/min
Driven way of lifting: screw powered driven
Max angle of conveyor inclined: 29 degree
Brand of motor: CPG CE cerficiated motors from Taiwan
Brand of electrical elements: Schneider
Brand of frenquency changer: Taida
Voltage: can be choosen accordance with request

Size of Packing: 4700 X 1050 X 900mm
Gross Weight: 710 kgs
Advantage of using Sunnforest DN600 Vehicle Unloading conveyor

This versatile DN600 Vehicle Unloading conveyor is sold very well at present, as it can help our clients to reduce manpower workers and improve working efficiency during working, and reduce the cost of company in the long run.

For example, loading and unloading  600*600*300mm cartons from a 40ft container, one 40ft container approx can load 470pcs 600*600*300mm cartons. it will require about 6 persons and need about 45~50min to finish loading and unloading container if there is no vehicle conveyor assist; but it just need 2 persons and just need 20min to finish loading and unloading from the container. Also,it can reduce damage during the loading and unloading process if they use our conveyor to load and unload from Vehicles or truck.
  DN600 Inclined Unloading Conveyor Demonstration Video
  DN600 Inclined Unloading Conveyor Operation Video
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