45HP Crawler Tractor

45HP Crawler Tractor

45HP 450 Crawler Tractor

45HP Crawler Tractor

45HP 450 Crawler Tractor Main Features

45HP 450 Crawler Tractor

Product name: 45HP 450 Crawler Tractor
Engine power: 45 horse power
Engine brand & model: 450
Min Order Qty: 1 unit
Delivery Time: 35 days
Country of Origin: China
45HP 450 Crawler Tractor

1. Tractor with optimized design and new appearance, can be used in paddy field or dry land
for cultivation, etc. Various attachment like cultivator is available to facilitate the job.

45HP 450 Crawler Tractor Technical Specification

45HP 450 Crawler Tractor Technical Parameters

Size: 2.45 X 1.32 X 1.15m

Weight: 1500 kgs

Ground Clearance: 220-600mm

Model: 40W91  450G33

Form: EFI, Inline, Water colling, Stroke



Rated Power: 33.1KW

Fuel Oil: Diesel Oil

Rated Speed: 2400 RPM

Start Method: Electric Start

Steering Brake System


Brake Steering

Brake System Type: Mechanical Brake



Clutch Type: Monolithic Single Acting

GearBox Type: Main Gear +8+2 gear

Gearbox Shift Type: Gear Shift

Walking Department


Rack Form: Rigid Frame

Track Pitch X Number of Sections X Width: 230 - 300 width

Speed of each Gear: Machinery: High 0-9.2 Low 5-3

Working Equipment


Lifter Type: Strong Rise and Fall

Tillage Depth Control method: Position Control (Hydraulic Control)

PTO Shaft Type: 720/540 RPM

Power Transmission Type: Dependent

PTO Spline and Outer Diameter: 8X38 / 6X35

Walking Speed: Maximum Speed 20km/h

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