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Sunnforest AGF-180 Flail Mower

The AGF series Verge Flail Mowers are flail mowers with hydraulic arm for clearing larger, wider areas, roadsides verges, orchards and various inclining and declining land surfaces;

Specially designed for universal use the head of the mower can be operated in line with the tractor or offset for verge maintenance and field boundaries.

The verge Mowers are suitable for roadside verge, tree trimming and general mulching;
Hydraulic side adjustment;
Hydraulic inclining adjustment;
Rear roller wheel;
High power 50hp gearbox;
Self leveling;
High strength mulching blades;
Safety flaps;
Extra strong and designed with safety in mind;
Support legs for storage;
Solid hitch.
AGF-180 Flail Mower
AGF Series Mower (Mulcher) Specification

Model AGF-180

Dimensions(L*W*H) 2200*2200*1020mm
Structure weight 658kg
Cutting width 1800mm
Working efficiency 6000-16000m2/h
PTO Turning Speed 540r/min
PTO spline 6*8*1600mm
Power required 55-85HP
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