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Sunnforest Chain Harrow

A complete range of  Chain Harrow, Pasture Harrow equipment
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Sunnforest Chain Harrow Products

chain harrow
Chain Harrow
The Chain Harrow are great pasture harrows. This is the most compact life frame on the market today. It is framework, because of the angle of all parts, allows it to do much of the work (not just the teeth) and also tends to separate all joints, increasing wearability. This design also allows the tail section to stay down and not roll forward

We also put a lot of thought into our hitch. The hitch is made with chain, rather than rods and eyes. Because our hitch has more flexing points it will last much longer. The chain hitch is also easier to handle and store.

The many harrow carriers that have been on the market for a long time, require a frame work over the harrow attached by many drop chains. It also incorporates a universal design so that the difference sizes may be made up at the dealership, reducing inventory costs.

A heavy ground-hugging harrow for arduous tough pasture work.

Excellent for ripping out moss- rolling twitch.

Spreading manure and levelling mole hills.

The robust design of spike embodies strength throughout giving increased power.

The harrow has a dual purpose, by simply turning the harrow over to the reverse side it becomes a plain link chain harrow.

A complete range of chain harrow products is available from Sunnforest. Contact us for all your farm raking equipment requirement.
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