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Jiangsu Tractor (JS Tractor Series) Introduction

Jiangsu Tractor (JS tractor), is one of the major Chinese big and medium size tractors, is specialized in wheeled tractors for near 40 years as a big compound enterprise on manufacture, study, sale and foreign trade.

With continual improvement and R&D on tractors, our products have developed into 13 series of tractors from 30HP to 90HP ,the total models is up to near 30.

Our company sticks to marketing concept, making the quality of tractors best,and ensuring satisfaction for our customers. We insist on supplying our customers with satisfied products and services, and our products are highly reputed in domestic and foreign markets with good credit standing . JS brand tractor won the first championship in the thirty-third international Day of Field held in Australia, which was the first Chinese tractor winning the international championship. Our tractors were presented to foreign honoured guests as a national gift for time after time and were entitled to the famous products of Jiangsu province for continuous more than years.JS brand tractor got the agricultural machinery promotion certificates of China National and Provincial government separately, and JS brand tractors passed through OECD test. Our company has the import and export certificate and passed through 2000 version certificate of ISO9001 quality management system, and more was selected into the Directory of Enterprises as a most Competitive company in agriculture machine line.

The products are good in quality and excellent in services, which have being sold very well all over the China and was exported to more than 50 countries and regions, such as Asia , The africa ,the united states, the Europe , the Australia.

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Jiangsu Tractor JS404
Jiangsu Tractor JS404 with full streamline hood
Jinagsu Tractor JS500P
  Jiangsu Tractor JS500P
Jiangsu Tractor JS504P
Jiangsu Tractor JS504P
Jiangsu Tractor JS554 with canopy
Jiangsu Tractor JS554 with canopy
 Jiangsu Tractor JS654
Jiangsu Tractor JS654 with cabin
Jiangsu Tractor JS654
  Jiangsu Tractor JS654 with Semi streamline hood
Jiangsu Tractor JS800
Jiangsu Tractor JS800
Jiangsu Tractor JS954
Jiangsu Tractor JS954
Jiangsu Tractor JS604
  Jiangsu Tractor JS604 with Full streamline hood
Jiangsu Tractor  JS1004
Jiangsu Tractor  JS1004
Jiangsu Tractor 40hp-45hp

Jiangsu JS400  Jiangsu JS404  Jiangsu JS450  Jiangsu JS454

Jiangsu Tractor 50hp-55hp

Jiangsu JS500  Jiangsu JS500P  Jiangsu JS504  Jiangsu JS504P  Jiangsu JS550  Jiangsu JS550P  Jiangsu JS554  Jiangsu JS554P

Jiangsu Tractor 60hp-65hp

Jiangsu JS600  Jiangsu JS604  Jiangsu JS650  Jiangsu JS654

Jiangsu Tractor 70hp-75hp

Jiangsu JS700  Jiangsu JS704  Jiangsu JS750P  Jiangsu JS754P

Jiangsu Tractor 80hp-85hp

Jiangsu JS800  Jiangsu JS800P  Jiangsu JS804  Jiangsu JS804P  Jiangsu JS850  Jiangsu JS854

Jiangsu Tractor 90hp-100hp

Jiangsu JS900  Jiangsu JS904  Jiangsu JS950  Jiangsu JS954  Jiangsu JS1000  Jiangsu JS1004

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