YTO C902 Crawler Tractor


YTO C902 Crawler Tractor Main Features

YTO C902 Crawler Tractor

Product name: YTO C902 Crawler Tractor
Engine power: 90 horse power
Engine brand & model: YTO LR6B5
Min Order Qty: 1 unit
Delivery Time: 35 days
Country of Origin: China  
YTO C902 Crawler Tractor

1. Tractor with new apperance,which can be widely used in agricultural land operations and earth-moving operation.

2. Dry-type double-disc single-action main clutch,which is easy to operate and has long service life.

3. 4+2 transmission equipped with sliding gear for shifting operation,which has reliable performance.

4. Multi-disc dry-type steering clutch,and floating-type belt brake which enables reliable braking operation.

5. Simply-supported beam stucture for final drive,which has the advantages including high supporting strength and high reliability.

6. Power-assisted hydraulic steering system,which will reduce the labor intensity of operator.

7. Wide crawler available for works on low and wet land,and rubber crawler available for increasing the trafficability.

YTO C902 Crawler Tractor Technical Specification

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