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YTO X704 Tractor

The YTO-X704 tractor is developed on the basis of the Italian wheeled tractor chassis technology, adopting the British technology-based engine. The machine body has a streamline configuration. The tractor has a low fuel consumption and a desirable power economic efficiency. It has multiple gears and a wide speed range. Besides, it is flexible in steering and easy to operate.

YTO X704 Tractor Technical Specification

Engine 70 hp Model LR4105T73A
Type Four-stroke, water-cooled, vertical, energy efficiency improved, direct injection diesel
Rated rotation speed 2400 r/min

Transmission system
Number of speed gears, forward / reverse 12/12 shuttle
Speed range, forward / reverse 1.61-26.58/4.17-12.52 km/h

Machine body
Max. operating weight 4170 kg
Wheel base 2314 mm
Min. turning radius 3.9 m

Specific fuel consumption under rated conditions =242 g/kw.h

PTO shaft type Rear-positioned, independent, and synchronous

Wheel tyres (front / rear) 11.2-24/16.9-30
Lifting capacity 15.45 kN
Front wheel tread / Rear wheel tread 1630-1960/1500-2100 mm
Max. tractive force 23.2 kN

Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 4150×2140×2832 mm

Min. ground clearance 380 mm

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