Sunnforest Precision Powder Garnet

Sunnforest Precision Powder Garnet

SUNNFOREST garnet powder is a kind of super micronized abrasive media, which is based on the natural almandine type of Garnet by modern technique processing with distinctive features of self-sharpening, high polishing efficiency, etc.  We produce a full line of standard powders ranging from 75 to 5 microns. Typical applications include the grinding and finishing of television, optical components, semi-conductor, silicon wafer, ophthalmic and specialty glass products etc.

Precision Powder Garnet

garnet Precision Powders

Specific Gravity   > 3.9

Moh Hardness   7.0 - 8.0

Magnestism Composition  Type 100# - 240# -0.3%
                        Type W50 - W0.5 -0.5%

Chemical Analysis

Si02    35-40%
AL203   20-28%
MgO     0.5-2.2%
Fe203   5-10%
CaO     1.5-5%
MnO     1.5-2.5%
FeO     25-27%

Standard Mesh Sizes

#100 - #240, W50-W0.5
(Other sizes upon request, Click Here to contact us.) 
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