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Sunnforest Industrial Minerals & Metals in China and Singapore

Sunnforest Enterprises Group of Companies is one of the professional industrial minerals and metals supplier and exporter in  China & Singapore. Products range from supplying high quality industrial grade Garnet Abrasive to Shipyard, Offshore base, Marine, waterjet cutting to magnesium alloy, magnesium powder, copper alloy, brass alloy, aluminium alloy,etc.

With much experience and knowledge in industrial minerals, Sunnforest is also very active in this field , and our key export products include ceramic proppants, ceramic foundry sand, anthracite filter, mica powder, bentonite, etc other than garnet abrasive.

We strive to offer high quality, competitive pricing as well as excellent service to our valued customers worldwide.  Through the years, Sunnforest has built a highly efficient logistics and diversified disribution network that consistently maintain tight control of materials, from source to user, to ensure quality and consistency of all our garnet products

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