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Magnesium is the most light-weight metal among commercially usable metals. For its lightness and recyclability, magnesium is expected to replace plastics, aluminum and steel.very soon.

Sunnforest Enterprises distributes and supply all industrial  Magnesium for marine,automobile and aerospace , including magnesium alloy extrusion, magnesium alloy plate, magnesium alloy tape, magnesium sacrificial anode, magnesium alloy die casting and sand casting, magnesium alloy tools.

We do well in this industry and cooperated with major partners to develop and manufacture magnesium alloy extrusion from 2003.
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Magnesium is the lightest of the structural metals, a quarter the weight of steel and a third lighter than aluminum. Occurring naturally in the form of various compounds, the principal ores of magnesium are dolomite, magnesite and carnallite. Magnesium also exists in nature as the chloride in seawater,underwater brines and salt deposits.

This element was first isolated in 1808 by the English scientist Davy, but it was not until 1852 that Bunsen demonstrated that magnesium metal could be isolated by electrolysis of fused anhydrous magnesium chloride, magnesium being released at the cathode and chlorine at the anode of the cell.

Today, magnesium is used in a diverse range of markets and applications, each one exploiting the unique physical and mechanical properties of the element and its alloys. World production of magnesium totals around 400,000 tones per annum and the figure is increasing annually as the lightweight properties of magnesium alloys are used increasingly in the following industry:

Automotive industry
As the lightest structural alloys, magnesium alloys meet the increasingly strict requirements of energy saving and exhaust gas emission from transportation industries to reach the goal of environment friendly new generation road vehicles with lighter weight and reduced oil consumption.

Aviation and Aerospace
he advantages of magnesium alloys well meet the requirements of noise and shock absorption and radiation resistance from high-tech industries as aviation and aerospace.

Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronics
Magnesium's outstanding thin-wall casting capability and high specific strength and rigidity and shock resistance well meet the requirements of 3C products for high integration, lightness and thinness, miniaturization, shock-resistance, electromagnetic shielding and heat dissipation.

Tooling fields
With the improvement of magnesium production capacity and technology levels, magnesium casting and extrusions are widely developed for civil uses such as for the hand tools, wheel chair, medical apparatus and body –building instruments.

Sunnforest Enterprises develop the concrete industrial magnesium bull float and handle float in China , also the first one to research and develop the magnesium sheet and wire with partner for tooling industrial and electronic industrial. We also take the magnesium scraps and powder business.

We are also developing the industrial magnesium extrusion and die casting products for the world market.

We sincerely welcome you to contact us for all your magnesium products requirement

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