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Sunnforest supplies high quality high pressure waterjet tools and equipment for Industrial cleaning, pipe cleaning, water jet cutting, process technology and hydraulic applications. Furthermore, we develop and produce water jetting tools, ranging from high pressure guns through to remotely controlled cleaning machines.
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High Pressure Water Cleaning Machine

 High Pressure Water Cleaning Machine
High Pressure Water Cleaning machine parts

Description of UHP Water Jet Cleaning Gun:

Safe, rapid removal of solid coating:
Make number of nozzles on the cleaning gun to 3,000 rpm rotational speed, up to 6.5 gallons per minute (22.7 liters) of ultrahigh-pressure water. With excellent performance and control, it is the only one hand-held tool which can be used in the rated working pressure of 45,000 psi (3100bar).

Multi-aspect saving
With its unparalleled production efficiency, low water consumption and environmental protection, A-3000 is your ideal choice. Due to its light weight, workers can work for longer hours, more securely.

Features of UHP Water Jet Cleaning Gun:
1. Reduce operator fatigue and improve safety and production efficiency
2. Pneumatic power means no oil
3. Less water consumption, higher removal
4. Remote on / off valve
5. Advanced ergonomic design
6. Light weight
7. Proprietary rotary valve design, rapid replacement of high-pressure water-sealed and easy maintenance
8. Second safety requirements of the operator triggers hands grip tool to guarantee safety
9. Can use more than 32 scfm (90psi) any compressed gas source

Application of UHP Water Jet Cleaning Gun:

A-3000 ultra-light portable cleaning gun carbonating the UHP water energy (and low water consumption) and high speed rotating nozzle can be used in a variety of industrial cleaning applications, such as cleaning water, airport runway, removing epoxy resin, resins, paints, rust, scale, sediment and calcium etc., with excellent cleaning efficiency.

Technical Specification of UHP Water Jet Cleaning Gun:
- Tools Weight: 11.0 lbs (4.98Kg)
- Maximum working pressure: 45,000 psi (3,100 bar)
- Compressed air: 32 scfm @ 90 psi
- Work rotation speed: 3000 rpm
- Horsepower motor: 0.7 hp (0.5 kW)

Description of High Pressure Water Cleaning Machine:
1. Adopt CE international standards design;
2. Received 20 patents;
3. A once pressurizing triple plunger pumps (import);
4. Two secondary filters to extend parts life;
5. Equipped with oil temperature automatically detection and protector
6. Instrument display & multiple high pressure protections
7. Small size and light weight, convenient for mobile operations

Features of High Pressure Water Cleaning Machine:

A. DTPS/40000PSI ultrahigh-pressure system is used UH Series (import) a once pressurizing triple plunger pump for pressure source of ultrahigh-pressure system.
1. Featuring compact structure, energy saving, simple operation, easy maintenance, it is suitable for mobile occasions;
2. The hand wheel on the control panel is easy operate, hydraulic pressure and output pressure are on display in the panel;
3. Internal components adopt international brands, which are good in quality and reliable in working.

B. Multiple high pressure protections
1. Output pressure can be continuously adjusted to meet different applications through Regulating Valve
2. The double high-pressure system has automatic protection, the use of maximum pressure up to 300 Mpa:
   (1) Equipped with pressure sensors, automatic power overvoltage shutdown protection;
   (2) Equipped with a safety valve, overvoltage protection, will be automatically relieved.
3. Two detection and protection of inlet pressure: The system will automatically conduct shutdown protection when the input water break, or the filter plugging and water break.

C. Perfect inlet water filtration
1. With two filters: 5 μ m / 1 μ m;
2. Oil pressure system has a self-cooling system to ensure the stability of its work;
3. Water cooling system is available on the head of ultrahigh-pressure pump to protect the its high speed and reliability.

Technical Specification of High Pressure Water Cleaning Machine:
1. Maximum pressure: 300 Mpa/40000PSI;
2. Largest flow: 14.8 L / min;
3. Power: 75 kw/100HP;
4. Driver:
(1) electric: 220/380/415 VAC 50/60Hz
(2) Diesel from USA
Note: special specifications can be customized.

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