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1. M series Reach Truck boasts the latest appearance. It is optimally designed to be endowed with high pulling torque, wide-vision  mast, and hydraulic control of going forwards & backwards. It provides the operator with comfortable manipulation thanks to its agile and credible turning, convenient charging, and high adhesion of drive wheel when driving on the tough road.

2. It can be widely applied to the handling, stacking and short-distance transportation in the industry of pharmacy, meat-packing, aquatic product processing and even  cold storage. It is an ideal instrument to achieve high production efficiency  when carrying out  operation in warehouse  with high shelves.

3. M series Reach Truck adopts non-contact Hall induction accelerator, the regenerative braking, intelligent fault display,  and  other  advanced  function. 

4. The non-carbon maintenance-free AC motor greatly enhances the maintainability.


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