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Stationary Load / Pallet Inverters

One stop solution to all your stationary load / pallet inverters requirement

Sunnforest distributes a complete range of stationary load / pallet inverters suitable for factory, warehouses, etc.  We offer a one stop solution to all your stationary load / pallet inverters requirement. Custom made sizes are available upon request .All enquiries are welcome.
Stationary Load / Pallet Inverter forklift attachment

Stationary Load / Pallet Inverters

Stationary Pallet Inverters
Designed to provide a reliable, economical and efficient means of inverting loads or change pallets. The pallet inverters allows transfer of product to pallet or slipsheet, damaged pallet exchange or damaged carton replacement. It is also enables damaged product recovery from bottom of stack.
Features :
*180° inverting
*Self-contained power pack
*Side stabilizer plate to pervent loose item from falling diring turning
*Safety fence
*Adjustable relief valve
*Fork pockets for easy relocation
*Level control

Options :
Load pusher
Stainless steel paint for food processing applications
Conveyor bed
Pallet retention
Variable platform sizes
Variable opening ranges
Variable load capacity
Floor-level loading
360° rotation
Electrical control
Senser to prevent entry
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