One stop solution to all your Belt fasteners requirement

Sunnforest can supply a complete range of innovative conveyor belt fasteners and tools.
Bringing value through leading-edge products and personal service, Sunnforest design and produce durable, high-performing conveyor belt fasteners and timesaving tools. Continuously manufactured to the most exacting levels of quality, Sunnforest belt fasteners are used for applications around the world.

Sunnforest Belt Fasteners

Plategrip Fasteners
Plategrip belt fasteners can be used on belts of any width and varying thicknesses. They are available in a broad variety of standard and special metals to assure long life, resistance to corrosion, and exceptional tolerance to abrasive materials.
Riv-Nail Fasteners
Riv-Nail belt fasteners improve the installation of hinged rivet fasteners on newer, synthetic high-strength belt fabrics. They are manufactured with special tempered steel to form the beveled ends and yield a smooth, low profile.
Staplegrip Fasteners
Staplegrip is a very strong belt fastener. Its hinged plates are held in compression with high tensile stainless steel staples.
Steelgrip Fasteners
Steelgrip belt fasteners combine toughness with ease of installation, making a strong, smooth splice on all types of transmission and light conveyor belts.
Flexgrip Round Belt Couplings
Flexgrip belt couplings incorporate a true universal joint in their design, which
provides smooth, sure operation through multi-directional turns.
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