Sunnforest Preset Staplegrip Lacing

One stop solution to all your preset staplegrip lacing requirement

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Sunnforest Preset Staplegrip Lacing

Preset Staplegrip Lacing

Preset Staplegrip belt fasteners are unique compared to conventional lightweight belt fasteners, because the staples are clinched 90 degrees to the direction of the pull of the belt. Therefore, it is virtually impossible for the staple to open under load. Our staples are also unique. While other brands may be rectangular, with their narrow dimension in line with the pull of the belt, Staplegrip staples are oval-shaped with smooth, rounded edges. This design feature reduces the possibility of the staple damaging belting fabric.


Preset Staplegrip Lacing, available in the popular 62, 125, and 187 sizes which fit belts 1⁄16" to 1⁄4", can only be used in hammer driver fixtures. The lacing is cross-scored so it can be easily broken by hand to exactly fit any belt width. First, determine the size and quality specifications.
Size Specifications

Staplegrip is selected based on the thickness of the belt and the diameter of the drive pulley. Specify the belt width when ordering.
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