Sunnforest Steelgrip Lacing

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Sunnforest Steelgrip Lacing

Steelgrip Lacing

Time-tested and proven dependable, the strength of Steelgrip lacing is enhanced due to the common bar, which yields a continuous lacing strip for the width of the belting. Thus, the tension is distributed across the entire belt width. Steelgrip is made from a special steel which allows the points to pierce the belt carcass, yet the teeth are designed to enter the belt fabric without cutting the longitudinal strength members of the belting.


Steelgrip lacing comes in 8 sizes for belts from 1⁄16" to 3⁄8" thickness. The lacing is cross-scored so that it can easily be broken by hand to exactly fit any belt width exactly. First, determine the size and metal specifications.
Combines toughness with ease of installation. Makes a strong, smooth splice on all types of transmission and light conveyor belts.

Metal specifications


Standard for sizes 00, 1, and 7. Good for abrasion utilizing a low carbon steel. Galvanizing provides some resistance to elements. Magnetic and poor chemical resistance.

Carbon Steel

Standard for sizes 15 through 45. Good for abrasion utilizing a low carbon steel, which has good forming characteristics, allowing easy installation. Magnetic and poor chemical resistance.

Stainless Steel

A nickel chrome stainless steel that offers excellent resistance to fatty acids and wash down chemicals, also good for mechanical abrasion. Excellent for use where food and sanitation requirements are high. Basically non-magnetic.

Size Specifications
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